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Ask Popo!!!
Returns you to your Popo Stone
Banishing Breeze
100% chance to cure bleeding
Battering Armspin
51 Physical Damage
85% Physical Damage
Candy Beam
Turns target into candy
Increases Spiritual Defense by 1000%
Caramel Dropkick
31 Physical Damage
55% Physical Damage
Cluster Bomb
270% Spiritual Damage (+50% from behind)
Increases Defense Rate by 775
Counter Attack
Counter your target after guarding a skill
Critical Attack
Increases Spiritual Critical Rate by 7
Critical Defense
Increases Physical Critical Rate by 7
High speed, short ranged dash in any direction
Defense Breeze
Increases Physical Defense by 76
Increases Constitution by 7
Despiriting Flash
Drains 358 EP
Detoxifying Breeze
100% chance to cure poison
Double Cluster Bomb
430% Spiritual Damage (+50% from behind)
Reduces Attack Speed by 69%
Dragon King's Constitution
Increases Constitution by 25%
Dragon King's Dexterity
Increases Dexterity by 25%
Dragon King's Energy
Increases Energy by 25%
Dragon King's Focus
Increases Focus by 25%
Dragon King's Soul
Increases Soul by 25%
Dragon King's Strength
Increases Strength by 25%
Enchanting Breeze
Increases Properties by 5
Evade Up
Increases Dodge Rate by 39
Grants the ability to fly
Genocide Blast
300 Physical Damage
184% Physical Damage
Blocks incoming attacks
Guarding Breeze
Increases Defense Rate by 36
Increases chance to block knockdown by 7%
Hardening Breeze
Increases Spiritual Defense by 54
Increases Energy by 7
Healing Breeze
Restores 305 LP
Hyper Bomb
34 abdominal pain damage every 2 seconds
Reduces Physical Damage by 10%
Increase Defense
Increases Spiritual Defense by 54
Increases Attack Power and Speed, but constantly drains EP and LP
Mighty Pressure!
1500 Damage
Miracle Super Punch
27 Physical Damage
38% Physical Damage
Planet Burst
420 Physical Damage
278% Physical Damage
Power Up
Accumulate RP while casting
Provokes target
Pure Majin
Transform into a Pure Majin
Regeneration Breeze
Restores 314 EP
Absorbs 507 Damage
Skill Duration Up
Increases Skill Durations by 9%
Special Surprise Punch
116% Physical Damage
Spinning Attack
Spin Attack
Spirit Up
Increases Soul by 7
Spiritual Resistance
Increases Resistance by 72
Ultra Speed Attack
92 Physical Damage
23% Physical Damage