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Ask Popo!!!
Returns you to your Popo Stone
Concentrated Kamehameha
53 Spiritual Damage
48% Spiritual Damage
Reduces Cooldown on all skills by 18%
Counter Attack
Counter your target after guarding a skill
High speed, short ranged dash in any direction
Double Strike
36 Physical Damage
61% Physical Damage
Dragon King's Constitution
Increases Constitution by 25%
Dragon King's Dexterity
Increases Dexterity by 25%
Dragon King's Energy
Increases Energy by 25%
Dragon King's Focus
Increases Focus by 25%
Dragon King's Soul
Increases Soul by 25%
Dragon King's Strength
Increases Strength by 25%
Dragon Power!!
1500 Damage
Energy Barrage
221 Spiritual Damage
169% Spiritual Damage
Final Effort
523 Spiritual Damage
488% Spiritual Damage
Grants the ability to fly
Increases Soul by 8
Increases Critical Spiritual Damage by 4%
Blocks incoming attacks
Increase Attack
Increases Physical Damage by 10
Increase Spiritual Attack
Increases Spiritual Damage by 9
Reduces Hit rate by 14%
Increases Attack Power and Speed, but constantly drains EP and LP
Kidney Shot
137% Physical Damage (+50% from behind)
Stuns target
Increases Strength by 8
Increases Critical Phsyical Damage by 6%
Opening Roar
Increases RP accumulation by 4%
Power Up
Accumulate RP while casting
Prepared to Roar
Increases Spiritual Damage by 10%
Reduces Physical Defense by 5%
Quick Attack
100% Physical Damage (+50% from behind)
Stuns target
Increases Physical Critical Rate by 8
Increases Hit rate by 91
Rock Paper Scissors
218% Physical Damage
Reduces Spiritual Defense by 5%
Reduces Dodge Rate by 5%
Speed Up
Increases Speed by 20%
Reduces Hit rate by 5%
Spirited Roar
Increases Physical Damage by 10%
Reduces Spiritual Defense by 5
Stronger Energy Barrage
217 Spiritual Damage
152% Spiritual Damage
Super Saiyan
Transform into a Super Saiyan
Tunnel Slash
34 Spiritual Damage
35% Spiritual Damage
Wolf Fang Fist
117 Physical Damage (+50% from behind)
135% Physical Damage (+50% from behind)
Reduces Constitution by 10%