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You'll come across many different types of skills in Dragon Ball Online. Most of them will grant your character the ability to unleash powerful attacks on your enemies; some of which have origins in the Dragon Ball manga. Other skills will allow you to buff or heal your allies, take to the skies, and even turn your hair a familiar shade of gold.

As you level up your character, you'll gain access to new skills or be given the chance to increase the effectiveness of skills you already have. While this is how most skills are unlocked, a few special ones will require that you travel back in time and learn them from familiar characters, or collect the 7 Dragon Balls and wish for them from the Eternal Dragon.
Learning & Upgrading Skills
All of the skills available to your class can be viewed in the "Skills" window (default hotkey: "k"). The first tab contains skills available to your Basic Class, the class you chose when creating your character. The second and third tabs are for your class's Master Classes, of which you'll be able to select one of at level 30. The last tab contains emotes and other social effects.

When you create a character, you'll automatically unlock the first row of skills under the first tab for free. For everything after that, you'll need Skill Points (SP). You receive 1 SP every time you level up, which you can then use to either unlock or upgrade a single skill.

Only skills that have a yellow glow around them can be unlocked. If a skill doesn't have this glow, it either means you don't meet the level requirement needed to learn the skill, or you don't have the necessary prerequisite skill: the skill directly above it, or the skill at the beginning of the arrow that points to the skill.

Whether you're unlocking a skill or upgraded one, the process is the same: all you need to do is click on the button next to the skill.

Once you've learned a skill, you can click and drag it's icon onto your skill bar (at the bottom of the screen) for easy access.

Warning: Be careful when spending your SP. If you're at or below 30, you can reset your skills for a small fee at any class trainer. Any level above 30 requires that you use a skill reset item. This item can only be bought using real world currency at the cash shop, or by trading with other players. Use the Skill Calculator to plan out your builds before hand, or search for builds other players are using on the forums.
RP Abilities
An RP ability is buff that you can apply to a skill's effects. To use an RP ability, all you need a sufficient amount of RP, which can be accumulated by taking damage, by Powering Up, or through the use of certain skills.

Once you fill your RP bar, the bar will empty in exchange for an RP bubble. After a few seconds of not generating any RP, it slowly start to drain away until none is left. A full RP bar, as well as a bubble, is equivalent to 100 RP, and the maximum amount of RP you can store is determined by your character's level. A newly made character will start off with a single RP bubble, and gain another on every 10th level.

Once you've built up plenty of RP, there's a few different ways you can use use it to activate an RP ability. The simplest and most flexible method is to press and hold the skill's key on your skill bar. All of the available RP abilities will pop up at the bottom of your screen and you can then press the number corresponding to the RP ability you want to use.

Alternatively, you can click on the button in the skill window next to the skill's icon. This will bring up a window that displays the available RP effects, which you can then select one of. You still active RP abilities the same way as previously mentioned, but the RP effect you chose will be applied automatically. This will allow you to use RP abilities a bit faster, but you lose the option to easily switch between multiple abilities mid-combat. If you want to remove the preset RP ability, click on the "Manual" checkbox in the RP selection window. You can also completely disable the use of RP abilities for a certain skill by clicking on "Disabled".

There's 7 different types of RP abilities, and which one's are available depends both on the skill and the level of the skill. In the RP abilities window you can see all of the RP abilities a skill can ultimately gain, but the abilities not available at that skill's level will be greyed out (you can mouse over an ability to find out what level you need). The types of abilities are as follows:

Increases the attack power of the skill
Decreases the EP cost of the skill
Decreases the cast time of the skill
Increases the duration of the skill's effect
Decreases the cooldown of the skill
Has a chance to knockdown your opponent
Breaks through your opponent's guard
HTB Skills
HTB (High Tension Blow) skills are powerful attacks with long cooldowns and are acompanied by a brief in-game cinematic. All classes, Master Classes included, have a single HTB skill. They all have the same stats, although Master Class HTB skills do more damage, and they all work the same way.

In addition to it's EP cost, to initiate an HTB you must have at least 1 RP bubble. If the attack is successful, a cinematic will begin in which your character strings a number of attacks together in succession. What determines the success of the attack is different depending on whether or not your opponent is another player.

When using the attack against another player, a number of icons will pop up at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds. This will allow both you and your opponent to spend any number of RP bubbles you see fit in order to increase your chances of the attack succeeding, or for your opponent to decrease the chances. In addition to the amount of RP spent on attacking or defending, your hit rate and the opponent's dodge rate also play a factor.

Using an HTB against a non-player character is similar. One RP bubble is still required, but it's used up automatically when the attack begins. As a result of the fixed amount of RP spent on the attack, hit and dodge rates play a much more significant factor in determining it's success. If the attack suddenly stops without any warning, it's because the attack missed.
Special Skills
While questing, you'll occasionally come across a time warps, such as the one shown to the left. Once entered, you'll be transported back into the past to relive a moment from Dragon Ball history; during which you'll be taught a new skill. The skills obtained here are the same for all classes: Power Up, Guard, Counter Attack, and Dash.

A few other skills can also be learned through quests, such as your Basic Class's HTB skill that will unlock upon completiong of the Adult quest chain at level 30. You can also learn the Flight skill through a quest chain that starts at level 15 and concludes at level 30.

Some skills can only be granted as wishes from the Eternal Dragon. Just as in the manga, there are different types of Dragon Balls that each have their own rules for what you may wish for. The type of Dragon Balls that provide skills are the ones that drop randomly from enemies during Dragon Ball drop periods. Once you've collected all 7 of the balls, you can with for your Master Class's HTB skill, a single non-class specific stat buff (Constitution, Dexterity, Energy, Soul, or Strength), or your race's transformation skill (Super Saiyan, Great Namek, or Pure Majin).

Unlike skills that are learned through spending SP, all of the skills mentioned here will not be lost if you reset your skills. If you spent any SP upgrading one of these skills, you'll get it back if you reset, but you will still not lose the skill.
Manga Skills in DBO
Dragon Ball Online takes place 216 years after the ending of the Dragon Ball Manga. Most of the characters from the manga have gone, but before they left they became teachers and shared their techniques with the fellow members of their race. Many of the skills from the manga have then been preserved over the years, and are available in Dragon Ball Online.

A complete list of all of the skills that have origins in the manga can be found below. If you want to learn more about the history of a skill, you can click on the Kanzentai icon. If you want to see the in-game stats for a skill or watch a video of it being used, you can click on the DBO skill icon.

English Name Japanese Name DBO Skill Kanzentai
Antenna Beam tsuno biimu
Big Bang Attack biggu ban atakku
Birthing an Egg -
Burning Attack baningu atakku -
Chocolate Beam henka biimu
Destructo Disk kienzan
Dodon Ray dodon-pa
Final Flash fainaru furasshu
Flight bukujutsu
Galactic Donut gyarakutuka donatsu
Giant Form chou kyoshin jutsu
Healing kaifuku pawaa
Hellzone Grenade -
Human Extinction Attack jinrui zetsumetsu kogeki
Human Tornado ningen tatsumaki
Iai-giri iai-giri
Instant Transmission shunkan-ido
Kaio-ken kaiou-ken
Kamehameha kamehame-ha
Light Grenade gekiretsu kodan
Masenko masenkou
Mouth Energy Wave chou makouhou
Multiple Sword Slashes hissatsu-ken -
Mystic Attack nobiru ude
Paralysis Arts kana-shibari no jutsu
Power Up - -
Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper janken
Scattering Bullet kakusadan
Self Destruct jibaku
Sleepy Boy yoiko min-min ken
Solar Flare taiyo-ken
Special Beam Cannon makankosappo
Spirit Ball sokidan
Super Explosive Demon Wave chou bakuretsu maha
Super Ghost Kamikazi Attack suupaa goosuto kamikaze atakku
Super Saiyan supa saiya-jin
Telekinesis chonoryoku
Thunder Shock Surprise bankoku bikkuri sho
Tri-Beam kikoho
Wolf Fang Fist rogafufuken