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Antenna Beam
101% Spiritual Damage
Ask Popo!!!
Returns you to your Popo Stone
Cooldown Reduction
Reduces Cooldown on all skills by 5%
Counter Attack
Counter your target after guarding a skill
High speed, short ranged dash in any direction
Divine Healing
Restores 409 LP
Dragon King's Constitution
Increases Constitution by 25%
Dragon King's Dexterity
Increases Dexterity by 25%
Dragon King's Energy
Increases Energy by 25%
Dragon King's Focus
Increases Focus by 25%
Dragon King's Soul
Increases Soul by 25%
Dragon King's Strength
Increases Strength by 25%
Energy Bullets
92 Spiritual Damage
91% Spiritual Damage
Energy Cannon
23 Spiritual Damage
32% Spiritual Damage
Grants the ability to fly
Great Namek
Transform into a Great Namek
Blocks incoming attacks
Healing Wave
Restores 319 LP
126 Spiritual Damage
124% Spiritual Damage
Increase EP
Increases Max EP by 65
Increases Attack Power and Speed, but constantly drains EP and LP
Kami's Assistance
Restores 100 RP
100% chance to cure paralysis
Kami's Barrier
Absorbs 893 Damage
Kami's Blessing
Increases Max LP by 162
Kami's Desire
100% chance to remove 1 buff
Kami's Destruction
528 Spiritual Damage
370% Spiritual Damage
Kami's Frustration
594% Spiritual Damage
Reduces Speed by 50%
Kami's Hope
Restores 33 LP every 2 seconds
Kami's Light
Increases Max EP by 235
Increases EP regeneration by 15
Kami's Retribution!!
1500 Damage
Kami's Splendor
Reflects 8% of Physical Damage
Reflects 10% of Spiritual Damage
Kami's Sponsor
100% chance to remove 1 non-paralysis debuff
0% chance to cure abdominal pain
Kami's Touch
Restores 30 LP every 2 seconds
Kami's Will
Resurrects the target with 646 LP
Power Up
Accumulate RP while casting
Staff Slash
102% Physical Damage
Super Energy Bullets
328% Spiritual Damage
Prevents the target from powering up
Super Ignite
256 Spiritual Damage
207% Spiritual Damage