Preserving Dragon Ball Online
July 27th, 2019 - When DBO was announced to be shutting down I tried to get my hands on everything I could, digital and physical, while it was still available. Now, to aid in the preservation of Dragon Ball Online, I'm making all of it available.

Official Dragon Ball Online Guidebooks

Korean Guidebook (316MB PDF)
Taiwanese Guidebook (324MB PDF)

Translations of the first chapter of the Korean Guidebook can be found here and here

Downloads of Official Dragon Ball Online Websites (2GB ZIP)
The contents of this are described here

Dragon Ball Online Installers and Patch Files (43GB Torrent)
Note: The installers included were the first installers officially released for each game version. In addition to the 3 major game versions, files for the Korean Test Server are also included. Torrent download speeds will be very slow until there are more seeders. A Mega mirror is available here

Official Dragon Ball Online Videos (Hosted on Youtube)

Source Code for DBOCOM Web Tools (Hosted on GitHub)
DBO Private Servers
May 8th, 2015 - Updated on August 28, 2020

For anyone who thought they'd missed their opportunity to play DBO, and for everyone who enjoyed the game and wants to give it another go, here's some fan-run private server projects you should definitely check out:

DragonBall Online Crisis

Dragon Ball Online Zenkai

Dragon Ball Online New Universe

Dragon Ball Online Global
All Remaining Versions of DBO Shutting Down
September 16th, 2013 - Both DBO Taiwan and DBO Hong Kong have announced that they'll too be shutting down on October 31st, and with that, Dragon Ball Online is officially dead.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped make this site what it is, and to say that I don't have any plans to shut it down. I still plan on finishing a few new features I'd already started, now with the hope of preserving the history of the game, but I can't say when any of that will be ready.

Go here for discussion on the TW servers closing, or here for the HK servers.

DBO Korea Closing Down
August 27th, 2013 - After roughly 3 and a half years of service, the Korean version will be closing its doors on September 26th. This comes after almost four months of no patches of any kind to the game.

The Taiwanese and Hong Kong versions of the game have been going through a similar lack of updates recently, but as of now there's been no indications that either of them will follow in the Korean version's path.

In January of this year, NTL posted an interview saying that they were still hopeful for the future of the game, and were focusing on its release in the Chinese market. The Chinese version was originally scheduled to go into beta in the beginning of 2012, and even had an official teaser site. Unfortunately, that site now seems to have been taken offline.

Official Announcement
Discussion thread in the Korean version forum

Update: The person maintaining the Official DBO Hong Kong Facebook page has addressed concerns that the HK version might be next in saying, "您好,香港紅心辣椒代理的是香港版《龍珠Online》,韓國版本與香港紅心辣椒無關,謝謝。" . Roughly translated, this means "no".
Language Patcher v2.2 Released
May 6th, 2013 - This new version of the Language Patcher adds a few new features, and over 3,500 new translations.

With this new version, I'm broadening the scope of what the Language Patcher provides. In addition to providing translations, I'd like to attempt to fix certain client-side game bugs that have stuck around for a bit too long. For starters, this version of the patch will address a bug that players commonly exploit to crash each other's game clients. If anyone has any information on other bugs you think I should take a look at, send me a PM.

The Language Patcher now also has the ability to translate all of the in-game help files, and I've also provided support for translating the Language Patcher itself. Information on how to unlock these new features can be found here:

I'd also like to thank everyone who's been submitting translations, most notably: AphraelFlute and Deception, who provided the vast majority of the new translations. I'd also like to thank Tempest, who played a major role in helping create the crash bug fix.
Skill Calculator Updated
April 22nd, 2013 - The skill calculator has been updated so that all of the information it presents is exactly what you'd see in-game. In addition, the calculator is also now available in Korean and Chinese.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped manually submit skill data in the past, most notably: silence, raditzroom, keredvin, maluriddle, Sogran, Internauta, and DavyJonesx. Going forward, the skill calculator is now in-sync with the game client, and will automatically update as the game updates.

These changes, however, were only made to the skill calculator. For the time being, the skill database will still show the old, sometimes inaccurate, data. If anyone comes across any problems when using skill calculator, please send me a PM.
Dragonball online service shut down a detailed guide
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September 14th (sat.) temporary maintenance complete guide

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(Korea) conducts, such as implementing a mascot system Ver.2 update!
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