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Citrinate (September 25th, 2013):
If you can't view it in Notepad it's either compiled or encrypted. If it's compiled you might be able to use this:

Citrinate (February 20th, 2013):
There was a bug when searching based on ID in certain places. It's been fixed now, and so you should be able to find the 190050 string without any problems. The 111201850 string only exists in the Taiwanese version, so make sure you change to the Taiwanese language before searching.

I do plan to add new features to the translation tool, but I don't know when that will happen.

As for that spacing error you mentioned, the only way to fix it would be to add a space or whatever at the front of the "Deals 4624 damage" string.

Citrinate (February 6th, 2013):
You can, you just have to exclude the "DST":

Some string names are too long to be searched though.

tono9476 (January 8th, 2013):
Ok, I'll do it better. =)

Citrinate (January 8th, 2013):
Please do not just submit copied and pasted Google translations (or automatic translations from anywhere else). Google translations should only be used as a guide to give you a better idea of the text's meaning. From there, you should write your own translation that sounds natural to an English speaker.

If you continue to do this, your access to the translation tool will be revoked.

tono9476 (November 30th, 2012):
Thanks !!!!!!

Citrinate (November 30th, 2012):
You should have access now.

tono9476 (November 28th, 2012):
I wanna help you with the updates of the patch, please give me access to the tool to do it, thanks. (if you remember i posted a couple of screeshots of the papaya island map with the locations of the teleporters before the tool was updated) =)

Citrinate (November 28th, 2012):
What you're asking permission for is not a new version of the English patch, nor is it something you can download. The latest version of the English patch can always be found and downloaded here:

If you understand that, and you understand what you're asking permission for, please let me know and I'll give it to you.

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