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piplupsuper1 (November 8th, 2015):
Why can't i post anymore

MasterLight (August 14th, 2014):
wait is this poptart?

MasterLight (August 7th, 2014):

TyDrose1 (July 14th, 2014):
Im guessing you dont know who I am? What will your name be in dbor?

TyDrose1 (July 12th, 2014):
Are you going to play DBOR?

bakugan90elf (February 20th, 2014):
Not being sarcastic. You are really OP! By the way that last message was the first message I sent on my mobile phone. But I can't wait to challenge you in DBOR

bakugan90elf (February 18th, 2014):
Wow. I'm sorry I ever l stepped to you. I have respect for you.

bakugan90elf (February 12th, 2014):
NOOB in what?!?!?! You better not be talking about DBO because I'd gotten a lot better. I was a level 40 swordsman!! I'm pretty sure you could still pwn me in game but I'd improved greatly!! Other than that, it's nice to see you bro. :D

SaiyanKakarot (January 9th, 2014):
yea its a different guild then

SaiyanKakarot (January 8th, 2014):
Lol yeah we played on TW SV 2

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