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jsealey1989 (October 14th, 2013):
I remember u

d5hsfj (October 11th, 2013):
ah u probably dont remember me from JusticeLeague
I saw ur name in divine guild list when i returned

d5hsfj (July 30th, 2013):
holy shit your were online recently lol

Bandullin (November 6th, 2012):
Digimon Masters Online

jsealey1989 (November 4th, 2012):
my ingame name is Jsealey but i play korean version u are probably on tawian version

starboixx (November 3rd, 2012):
lol this is keenenmason from hu2 u promis eme a sub but i dont play again anyways wana chil somtime ingame name is shadowlordx

starboixx (November 1st, 2012):
are u the jsealey from hu2?

Kiyza (April 13th, 2012):
Please stop posting off-topic things in the "Greater Than" thread. I understand that you're a religious person -- I am myself -- but it's not a reason to post off-topic in a game thread. I think you're being just a touch too sensitive with this. I'm all for strong religious beliefs, (so long as they don't get into extremism) but following the forum's guidelines is mandatory.

Let me be clear. It doesn't matter what you're posting if it's off topic. It's a problem. If the issue persists, I may have to ban you for a day or so as a punishment and that's not something that I like to do.

maluriddle (March 13th, 2012):

jsealey1989 (February 29th, 2012):
So should I not wait until there aren't anymore in cash shop I was planning on buying one then when there aren't anymore in cash shop the sell for 100 million

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