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Scrancher (August 5th, 2013):
Yeah! I love Dragon Ball, and although DB and DBZ is probably my favorite of the 3, DBGT is also very much in my liking aswell! I've been a fan of Dragon Ball since I can remember back to :-p You too?

Scrancher (August 5th, 2013):
No problem Luis :-)
I only play KR version and have since the day DBO got oficially released.

Scrancher (August 5th, 2013):
Hey pal. Are you sure that it is the Korean version of DBO you play? yeah, my in-game name is Scrancher, and my other character is Scranch. If you are on KR and still can't, perhaps you have too many friends on your friends list? You can also try and add SonKagu, whom can invite you to the guild also.

LuisStorm (August 4th, 2013):
yehh definitely

Scrancher (August 4th, 2013):
But ofcourse mate ;-) So many haters nowadays, hehe. Keep up the cool pictures and stuff, and see you in-game later!

LuisStorm (August 3rd, 2013):
thank you so much il try it out andabout the JGGGGGGGGG thing i wos typing whit out notacing since i wos trying too delet the post once again i srry

Tomlanji (August 3rd, 2013):
use tinypic, upload image, copy image url, click the button that looks like an image & paste the url to upload it to the site. JGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG makes no sense at all to upload an image
GT isn't in this game unless it is a mod

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