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ShadowKiller (August 14th, 2012):
this with GN attacks:

And this with KD and 1 les lvl on the other GN attacks :

NightravenSaiyan (July 28th, 2012):
i know its the kind that hackers bug. a regular dc says in the game "server has disconnected" and you press ok and it shuts off. this kind of dc, the one the hackers do, the game just crashes and you get a little window with "?" marks and an error notification

NightravenSaiyan (July 27th, 2012):
Blade, my got dc and now it wont start-up. one of them ****ers must've dc me and they're ****ing my whole game up. I can't start it now and they're probably trying to hack my account. I know this and it's not a regular disconnect, this is the kind caused by dc hackers.

NightravenSaiyan (July 25th, 2012):
oh i wont lol

NightravenSaiyan (July 25th, 2012):
lol forgot it's Wednesday night. Server Maintenance... -__-

HideousWeedHore (May 23rd, 2012):
Can anyone tell me how to sell just one item on ah i have 4 but wanna sell just one

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