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Dycfer (July 6th, 2013):
I'm on TW. But I don't play

walcott_21 (April 28th, 2013):
since the thread is closed i came to say your fighter is pretty good but you didn't need to post it cuz alot of OP fighter will start to make fun of it!
and keep going and be the BEST!!

CTeroras (April 28th, 2013):
C'mon, all the people say is false.. they are just jealous to you;))
You are a realy great pro fighter:))

maluriddle (April 28th, 2013):
Dont listen to uprise they sux and ****ing idiots that only can flame and abuse bugs etc

Brembo (April 27th, 2013):
A mocking, often ironic or satirical remark, usually intended to wound as well as amuse. Adjective: sarcastic.

AridSpider (April 27th, 2013):
Dont worry CJ, i have plenty of cats jocer can attest to this

Jocer (April 27th, 2013):
I got candy too

Jocer (April 27th, 2013):
I got some puppies in the back of mini van if u wanna come take a look

AridSpider (April 27th, 2013):
cj, dont listen to all the meanies u are a sweet kid id take u out to get icecream

Jocer (April 27th, 2013):

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