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chinwuke (September 8th, 2014):
Sup man, yea I'll be back on DBOR for sure. The minute it comes out. Miss this game and everyone. Think about it all the time. Looking forward to playing again.

Kishero (August 22nd, 2013):

chinwuke (March 30th, 2013):
Thx man, and if your only going for crit, u cant get a better build than that.

chinwuke (March 24th, 2013):
Yea I'll send u a couple builds when I get in front of a computer.

dobsondustin (March 5th, 2013):
I agree a billion times with that thread you made. The infraction system is way too effed up.

chinwuke (February 4th, 2013):
Obviously you have forgotten that Crit has changed drastically since then. That was over a year ago. Back then 100crit did not mean 100% crit. Especially in pvp. It was almost unheard of to get critted in pvp. But I see you don't remember.

chinwuke (February 3rd, 2013):
I doubt that any build I gave you "sucked" at the time I gave it to you. You have to keep in mind that was for lvl60 build. Anyway, goodluck with your sk.

chinwuke (February 2nd, 2013):
Naw I wouldn't say easy, but they got tournys every day so easier to win. I think it's "easier" than TW cuz a lot of players arent knowledgeable. And English community is small and not united so many don't have great gear cuz no spamming tmqs/ud/ect. Even most Chinese aren't that great. The ones that are good, are really good. Like +15 everything. But most players in HK are average imo. Not bad, but not great. And kid tourny is pretty balanced, so u can win with any class id say. Just need luck and strategy. (on top of gear of course)

chinwuke (January 31st, 2013):
HK is good. been winnin kid tourny a lot. Gettin my guilds in order and gonna work on winnin adult tourny when i get to 70

chinwuke (January 30th, 2013):
Wassup Zen

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