Guild Name: Merciless
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: 20 - 55
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

-> About us
Merciless is a guild all about helping any new comers to the game or an old timer from Korean version to have fun. Some of us are from the korean version so we can help you almost all of your questions. We started off witha small group of DBO friends but now have over 140 members and cant wait to gain more! When it comes to end game content we have more then a few ppl who have accomplished it in the korean version and cant wait to do the same here.

Having a good time is all what matters, and we're one of the strongest english guilds.

1) Good manners and being friendly is a must, let's try to keep the peace.

2) Teamwork and cooperation are important for getting stronger.

3) Respect other members, don't start fights or anything like that.

4) Listen to the leader and co-leaders and pay attention to their advices.

5) Although this is not an alt guild you may have 1 alt if your main is in guild and at max level or you are very active on both.

1) Be able to comunicate in English

2) Be active,

3) Level Requiriment:
lvl 20 minimum.

4) Having a microphone is a pre , we have a Merciless voice chat.

->How to Join
In order to be invited whisper one of these persons:
PM SuperNamek someone from the guild to ask if a leader is online
Hope to see you soon!

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