Guild Name: Remix
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: 40+
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

Remix (formerly known as Legion) is the first English guild on the TW server. It was formed the second day of open beta, and we're still recruiting. If anyone would like to join, please PM Blaka, DenKami, Kienzan, Shadow短笛薩瑪 or Dahak in-game.

Why join us?

We have players from the Korean version who know the game inside-out, and the first English players that managed to complete CC dungeon floor 35 on the Korean server are all a part of this guild. Not only that, but we've came first place in the junior and adult tournament on the Taiwan server many times. We have also owned many dojo's in the past. We can help all players with things they don't understand and make their DBO gaming experience more enjoyable and easier.

I'm not a fan of listing requirements, but from the Korean server I know that we need some, so here they are:

Please be able to speak enough English to communicate with others in the guild.

Join only if you plan to act civil with other players in guild chat, and help each other out.

Guild requirement is level 40 at the moment. Not very strict on classes but the preferred ones are listed above.

This is not an alt guild. So if you have a main in another guild, please do not ask to join.

When requesting a forum invite please state your in-game name as well otherwise you will not be invited.

Other than that, have fun. It's a game.


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