Guild Name: SushiGang
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: 20 - 70
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

A new era is coming..

An organization built to fight their lives, seeks revenge, and take power upon others. Not any typical group you'd see everyday, but something greater...

We're not just a regular group, but a group that is willing to take it towards the top.

Furiously, we struggle at times during battles, but we never forget them, and we grew stronger upon it all.

...Sometimes... defeat can differ towards ones' pride.

Most think we're not worthy of a challenge, but they've never seen what's capable of us as one.

Everyday, we're growing stronger by the minute. Wandering in underground dungeons, taking down vicious enemies with abdominal strength and power. We only do this just to seek power and wisdom.

Our past was just a dream, our present is now, and the future is what we'll obtain. Fighting off all the enemies, we're willing to take any challenge. Despite any hatred towards others, they mean nothing to us, and just will be the ones we'll take control over in the future.

Everyday, we're putting in excessive aggression towards one of our falling soldiers' demise. We'll never stop, till we've accomplished our achievements and conquer amongst all.

Everyday, we're putting in work:

- TMQs
- Dungeons
- Guild Events

We're only seeking ones that are dedicated into becoming stronger, willing to take charge amongst others, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

You're interested in joining SushiGang? Prove you're worthy of joining us.

The Leaders:
MonaStar / TankLikeABoss
SinShot // FriedChicken

Show us what you're willing to take work and effort upon.

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