Guild Name: TFS
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: 1 Only
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

"We welcome you to the FanGuild of the most hilarious parody series made for DBZ, TeamFourStar DragonBall Z Abridged. We have as a Goal to be one of the best known Guilds on the game, and we won't stop there, we will try to go even further. Please consider us as an opening for your comunity needs. Thank you for your time :D " ~IuriGregorio (Leader)

What are we looking for?
You! We need active members for our future plans and activities. If you want to be big and strong like dady, then this is your chance. If for any reason you are 3 weeks Offline, please contact Jr.Masters or Leader before.

Guild Requirements
-Speak English Fluently;
-Being an Active member, log in at least 2 times a week.

If you are able to even read all that was writen, than you are more than welcome to join our guild.

To enter, please contact:

Or you can PM me in the Forums

You can also contact me through Skype: Iuri_Best

Join Guild
If you'd like to join this guild, provide any information about you or your character that a guild recruiter may need to know in the form below (make sure you read the above info for any information on how the guild wishes to recieve requests).

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