Guild Name: SSJWarriors
Server: 孫悟飯爺爺伺服器

Level Requirement: 20+
Classes Needed:

Guild Information
We are a very active Guild, Well the main group of people are extremely active & are on everyday & most of the day. Well of course there are Members that are less active because they have more stuff to do everyday, but we try to keep the roster active & always making an effort to level up.

All we as a Guild ask is that you have the will to level up & be friendly, Also we don't have problems with characters under LVL. 20, We would just like to make sure you are going to level up & be active. We will help you with the hard quests if you don't know people & planing on joining our Guild when you reach LVL 20. We know everyone needs help on some Quests, the game was built for that. Which is exactly what makes this game FUN!

The other reason we would like members on everyday is because we will be battling for a DOJO & won't stop till we have earned our Guild DOJO. O:) If you are unfamiliar with what that is please ask.

Well any other questions please feel free to ask me OR a Jr. Master, Thank you.


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