Guild Name: Uprise
Server: 2.[布馬伺服器]

Level Requirement: 70 - 70
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

Welcome to Uprise!

Uprise, established in July of 2012, it is the largest and strongest English Guild on TW Server 2. We have an abundant amount of senior players who have played since the game opened in July, 2011. We have vast experience in both PvE and especially PvP.

This guild welcomes any player who is keen, active and meets the level requirements.

What this guild offers?

1. Extensive experience in PvE and PvP
2. We compete in weekly Dojo fights, Scramble fights, Party and solo budoukai!
3. We also have daily Skype chats, everyone in our guild is welcome to join in with us!

1. You must already be part of the guild in-game to join the forums.
2. You must put your in-game name in your request, otherwise it will be ignored.

If you meet the class level requirements and want to join the guild in-game PM me (Jocer10). Alternatively you can whisper Simmy10, Leinad10, DumkeTheNamek OR Kleintje10 in-game.

It's been fun playing in TW Server 2. Uprise Took complete control of server 2 since October of 2012 but, now sadly the game is shut down. We did what no other guild has done. We defeated the TW alliances at their own game. Took over 12 dojos, Took All scramble wishes since october and Has the foreigners win Budokai aura with members in the finals every week. We really got involved in the foreign community and made an elite and took over.

We will continue to be a gaming guild throughout all games and consoles so, if you want to be apart of it come talk to us on Skype!~Til' We meet again guys!

Join Guild
If you'd like to join this guild, provide any information about you or your character that a guild recruiter may need to know in the form below (make sure you read the above info for any information on how the guild wishes to recieve requests).

If you're already a member of this guild in-game, this form can be used to request access into the guild's private forums.