Server: 1.[孫悟飯(爺爺)伺服器]

Level Requirement: 50+
Classes Needed:

Guild Information

Hello everyone...!!!
Do you think that this guild is made by Master Roshi???:D
No's me Brusnica the leader of PORNSTARS, of a turtle heremit..!!!Ehehe with me also Ronhell is the second leader! :)
This is a new funny guild, funny but also serious..;) in PORNSTARS you will find kind players, that will help you to enjoy the game, we will do TMQ,UD,CC dungeon, Mudosa..and yes budokai..why not?:P
All i want is: ACTIVE players that WANT to level up to 60 quiclky (if they are -already) so we can enjoy mazes together speak english ONLY in guild chat so everyone can understand ..only that!

Im looking expecially for: Dende Priests, Ultimate Majins, Grand Chefs, Poko Priests, Karma Majins, Crane Hermits, Plasma Majin..But of course also the other classes are welcome..Turtle Hermits, Fighters, Swords Masters, Dark Warriors Shadow Knight.

If You are intrested Whisper me in game:
Leaders: Brusnica Ronhell
Jr.masters: eKodomo, Godai Jezabel

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