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July 27th, 2019
When DBO was announced to be shutting down I tried to get my hands on everything I could, digital and physical, while it was still available. Now, to aid in the preservation of Dragon Ball Online, I'm making all of it available.

Official Dragon Ball Online Guidebooks

Korean Guidebook (316MB PDF)
Taiwanese Guidebook (324MB PDF)

Translations of the first chapter of the Korean Guidebook can be found here and here

Downloads of Official Dragon Ball Online Websites (2GB ZIP)
The contents of this are described here

Official Dragon Ball Online Videos (Hosted on Youtube)

Source Code for DBOCOM Web Tools (Hosted on GitHub)

Dragon Ball Online Installers and Patch Files (43GB)
The following installers were the first installers officially released for each game version. In addition to the 3 major game versions, files for the Korean Test Server are also included. Instructions on how to use the RTP files can be found here (archived version). Instructions on how to extract game files are found here.

DBO Korea Installer (md5: 98705fa3238ac55a2abf3a7404105417)
DBO Korea RTP Patch Files

DBO Korea Test Server Installer (md5: 0e3cca0a12380166c76b81e31ee6b926)
DBO Korea Test Server RTP Patch Files

DBO Taiwan Installer (md5: e9afb1bbb8c8b6d99add3100c7bb7a09)
DBO Taiwan RTP Patch Files

DBO Hong Kong Installer (md5: a280ef3169c5300579a1cbaebb899f99)
DBO Hong Kong RTP Patch Files

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