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November 6th, 2013
Hey all.
I haven't seen a thread like that before, so I'd like to start one. Just simply tell us your first moments on DBO, and how did you finish playing it.

I started DBO when LV55 cap got released, my brother had an account and sometimes I asked him to let me kill some mobs, like a year later he died, let's not continue. Whatever, When lv70 cap got released, I made an account on HK version, and started there, but because hungarians are soooo nice, they started spreading that I'm a scammer, while I didn't even knew how to scam lol. There was another Roli ( Roli is a hungarian name, stans for Roland ) who used to scam players, whatever. So since people were spreading shit about me, I decided to try my luck on TW, and it was the best choice I ever made since I had DBO installed. Expect the fact that someone scammed my bro's account acuse I was too naive, my bad.

I registered to dbocom and i was searching for a guild, and DragonBall was the first pick, so I whisped Goten ( Markuto ) to invite me, and in the moment i joined the guild I was pretty sure about i'll stay here forever, every single member was nice to each other, that was the guild that never sleeps. People respected each other enough to keep the guild alive. Later, when Goten decided to give up the leadership and take some break from game, Skedar ( Easy4me2own ) offered us to invite the lv65 + ones to Red Guild ( Known as ChampioN now ) and help us gather some skills in both PvE and PvP so I joined there. The guild was full of chinese people, so I couldn't understand much and decided to join their rival guild called Uprise. The rumors were bad, while Uprise wasn't a bad guild at all, atleast while I was here, people helped me on getting some skills, most likely PvP. Jocer taught me how to use a turtle well on 1v1. But later when Uprise became inactive a lot of spanish players joined who didn't give a fuck about who speaks spanish and not, and the guildchat was full of "ptm / maricon / etc, so I left. Back on DragonBall, but at the time i joined back, the guild was totally dead, seriously 2/3 person alive so I kept guildhopping, and inn the end I joined OrangeStar where I met really good friends, and earned their trust. I made 3 characters to level 70, a Turtle Hermit, a Fighter, and a Swordsman. Turtle Hermit won 3rd place on Adult Budokai 2 times, and 2nd place 3 times totally. The fighter won 2nd place adult budokai once. The swordsman was sold before I could win anything with it.

So yea, I always said that DragonBall is my family, and I owe Goten a LOT for teaching me stuff, like a teacher he was patient with a "noob" like me.

So yea, heres the end of story.

DBO Ended but OrangeStar will remain.
November 6th, 2013
I came into this thread, expecting some sexual innuendo.

I guess i should share the story of why the santa hat was my most prized item in DBO.
If you saw me ever, or at all, i'd have my santa hat on.

This originally started back in DBO KR, I started in november or so in 2010, so about at level20, they started the Christmas event, i farmed for hours to get those santa items from the those absolutely god awful looking santa mobs, which i now miss murdering countless amounts of them.

I spent about 4-6 hours farming just to get enough to craft me my first equippable cosmetic item.
and that was a santa hat, and if you know me, I have alot of attachment to things that i've worked for, or own.

I don't think i got enough for the santa pants or jacket.

But, that's how it started, now fastward one year it's now 2011, TW has started earlier in the year, and everyone has moved there from KR.

Wasabii was offering the same reward, full santa getup, I was over joyed at this, So i had started farming, and farming, until, i got my first santa hat, but i couldn't stop there, so over the event, i had collected 3 santa hats, later of which, this year, i was able to get fairly good stats on 2 of them i broke one though ;~;

and from 2010-2013 my characters wore santa hats :3

I'd like to thank Kiego, Jocer, Lonjin, Leinad, Goten/LilGoku, Mirrow
for inviting me to your guilds.

Especially, Lonjin and Kiego, for making me feel extremely welcome in KR by inviting me to zLegends.

I don't really have much, but yeah. I don't have the best memory.

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November 6th, 2013
Good story and good thread. I will probably make my goodbye thread explaining my DBO story when I get around to making my last days of DBOTW video.
November 6th, 2013
Wish i still had some screenshots for this.

i started Late in the lvl 60 era. I had a fighter called Jonbradburn. i oringinally wanted a turtle but messed up so it was by chance i became a fighter. I jumped from guild to guild none of them were big guilds until i got bored of levelling so i got my acc Power Leveled ( lazy as my friends know i am :p) once i was 60 i saw a guild "Genocide" recruiting. it was there i met MV, Temp, Jocer, Madminpro and Senzubean. After Jocer and MV helped me to gear my nab fighter i Started to get involved in the PVP side of things. Here i heard of Skedar, Leinad and several other users back when everyone hated each other. After Geno disbanded i Met my goodpal Sshteven aka Goku. i Created my own guild at this point " LegendarySaiyans" and met some cool people like Vagos,Myndee,Nick ect. That was when i got the Name Vegeta and put it on my Fighter. After i Left my guild i joined Dragonball guild thanks to Goten. After Dragonball i joined Uprise and Further got to know Simmy,Leinad,Reactor and many more. I also Joined Red guild when i was a pve Poko with Myndee. At this point i stayed Neutral in all GVG activities as i jsut wanted fun with friends. Then i became leader of Dragonball in hopes of getting it active again but with little success due to Uprise and Red guilds GVG popularity which people joined to get involved. After Db LIL GOKU re created "OrangeSTar" so on my new Fighter CheeseCakes i helped lil goku to get the guild active and had a lot of fun here. eventually after changing characters like 5 times as i became infamous for at that time i sold all my dbo chars and started again, finally getting Vegeta name back i was nearing completion on my new fighter,
+10 craft armour max stats lvl 70
+13 speed gloves
+13 stick 33%
+12 gloves 33%
all i needed was to get my earrings sorted ..... Then it was announced that the game was closing so i just stopped playing for that month and only logging in as "Goku" on a wednesday to play tourney

Met a lot of great people and although i hated dbo and it was buggy as hell and totally unfair and luck based .. i really do miss it ,

RIP Jonbradburn, Vegeta, CheeseCakes, Ultibuff, Goku

they are in Hell right now giving Satan a High speed needle attack

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November 6th, 2013
I started in 55 cap. As a loner. Solo Dolo. Got into a guild that led me to making my won because i didnt like taking orders.

Merged to make Genocide. Got a dojo. Became the biggest foreign guild
Merged to make resistance. Elite of just strong foreigners. It got hacked.
Renamed Legion to Uprise.
Became the strongest foreign guild.
Won scrambles for 8 months straight.
Won budokai 2 times solo
Won third and second places around 15 times combined.
Won Party budokai
won party budokai third and second place 10 times combined.
won over 15 dojo wars.
i won every dojo in the game
Won third place on a POKO
won third place on SK
won second place on SK

i just kicked ass in this game. seriously.

November 6th, 2013
I started playing DBO in the year March 2012. Due to my laptop breaking down i stopped playing. Later in June i got my laptop fixed after 1 whole year :/ Then i started to play. I used to play on a friends account "LegendaryGoku" I was a fan of Vegeta so i decided to make my own character with my own account. When i played i decided to become a legendary fighter. (fighter ftw)

July 1st: Level 30
July 25th: Level 41
Inactive: GTA IV and COD BO 2

September 31st: Level 44
October 22nd: Level 46
From then on i left OS and Found Uprise
Finding a bug and playing i leveled to level 69 *not in one day i got like 1000000 xp everyday some weird file i found that i activated*
October 31st: At exactly 11am (TW time) I reached level 70... little did i know i had 1 hour left :/ My last moment were in the Uprise dojo where i went super saiyan then i dced....

Once A SSJ always an SSJ... :D

June when i started to play again:


I'm not in TW btw I'm from the UK :/
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