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May 18th, 2013
================UPDATED: Still need help,PLEASE see bottom post===========================
My problem is, WHEN I DO get the game running, it REFUSES to allow me to log into my account(s). I -SUCCESSFULLY- (website said so) created MORE THAN ONE account, but the D*** game wont let me log in. It gives me some error message, first in gold, then below it, a LOOONG message in RED. For some reason, it seems like the website makes the accounts, then they dont exist. I cant RECREATE the accounts, 'cuz the site says they already exist. THEN WTF? Right?

WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE for the LOVE of DBZ, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR FELLOW MAN, please either help me or just make a brand new account THAT WILL LET YOU LOG IN then email me the log in infos? I cant take this anymore. I had an account several months ago, got a new PC, reinstalled and got everything working, then BAM. DBO is like "Ha ha, there's no mention of this problem online. You know why? You did nothing 'wrong' were just personally screwing YOU." I cant find a fix for this.

So if I followed EVERY tutorial I can find, if the website says it MADE the accounts, WHY CANT I LOG INTO ANY OF THEM from the game????????? S O M E O N E please help

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May 20th, 2013
i hav the same problem
May 20th, 2013
If you need help yust pm me
May 21st, 2013
First off: Thank you to this community for your support! Two several people have already attempted to help in one fashio or another, and I CANNOT thank you guys enough.

Problem is: I'm getting the same error message even AFTER attempting to log in with an account someone created FOR me.

The game loads up fine, and I meet the minimum requirements. But I still get a darned error message.
=====Would someone please inform me of the best way to upload and post a screenshot, so I can PrntScrn and show everyone what's happening? I think that's the next best step. Someone was extremely kind and took the time to make an account for me, but I get the same error :(

P.S. I want to thank you guys, even if this doesn't get working for some reason. Usually in game communities and forums, NO ONE helps me. The fact that so many of you already jumped to my aid is really awesome. Thanks again, and here's hoping I can get this workin'.

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May 21st, 2013
fire wall?
May 21st, 2013
If you have anti virus , that is Problem! Turn of anti virus and try again
May 21st, 2013
1. I have created several accounts so it, all to no avail.
2. Cool peeps here in this community tried to make me an account (which they say works on their PCs.)
3. I double checked that I am INDEED using the HK version
4. Still gives an error message when I log in.
5. THIS TIME (for the 1st time ever) the error message was in ENGLISH. I had alrady patched the game before I ever tried logging in the 1st time ever, so WTF is going on here!? (LOL)
6. I have no firewall (dont use one ever.)
7. I dont use Anti-Virus.

I know this screenshot gives away one of my accounts names that ere created. But it doesnt let me log in anyway and I've created several anyway. So its of no consequence if this is stolen.
ARGH this makes no sense.

P.S. THANK YOU to the community for the help. I hope we can get this working soon. I just wanted to say thanks. you guys are really cool for actively helping. It still wont let me log in (and now instead of Japanese, it says in English: Username does not exist) Any and all help is appreciated, believe me. oy lol
May 21st, 2013
This is so super weird o_O
i tested this account and it wroks fine
as the error says this log in does not exist.[tho it does]
It happened to me before[not on my acc]
but... sorry dude i cant help anymore :/
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