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June 17th, 2012
Welcome to swordsman45's Infinity guide!!!!!!!
This guide is for players of all levels and experiences. Click on a link below to start the guide.


1. Installing the game
2. Creating an account
3. Creating a character
4. Playing the game
5. Leveling
6. Dragonballs
7. English patch


1. Modding
2. Classes
3. Storyline
4. Dungeons
5. TMQ
6. TLQ
7. Skills
8. Power leveling
9. Dragon wishes
10. Super skills
11. Flying
12. Auction House
13. Bank
14. Mail


1. Crafting
2. HTB
3. Boss event
4. Upgrading

Installing the game

First download the game and then just open the .exe file and follow the installation setup. The versions are below.

donwload site:

download site:

download site:

Creating an account

Find your version below and follow the instructions.

(This is the most difficult one and usually requires you to know someone in KR)
IMPORTANT: I can not help you get a kssn, if you know someone in KR then this will not be a problem. This version is hardest to create an account because of the fact that you need a KSSN.
Click here to see full text

Click here to see full text

Click here to see full text

Creating a character

If you have the english patch installed, you should have no problem with this. Just click on the character slot, choose your race, customize your look, choose your class and click create. You are ready to go after that.

Playing the game

You will start in a tutorial island and that will pretty much teach you how to play the game. All quests and tutorials may be in other languages but they are pretty much self-explanatory. After the tutorial depending on what race you chose, you will start outside of your home town.

Questing: When you get a quest you probably can't read what it says. To do this quest all you have to do is check your map and you will either have a circle or an X. Go to that area and you can pretty much guess what you have to do. If you can't find what you need to kill or there are many monsters, you can get a quest chip for your scouter at the scouter merchant. If you do this then every time you scan a monster and it is a quest monster it will show a quest icon on it.


The easiest way to level is to do quests. This will be your main source of XP. When you run out of quests what you need to do is grind. You can also just grind a level if you want to. Grinding is spam killing monsters. Others way to level include power leveling, doing UDS and TMQs.


There are 3 tiers of dragonballs.

Tier1: Dragonballs you get by questing. You will get these throughout your journey up to level 21. When you get these dragonballs, go to the shenron statue and summon him. He will give you some armor. You can buy a scouter at Korin that will let you start hunting tier 2 dragonballs.
This picture was soooo long ago when i was only in level 20.

Tier2: Each version has a specific dragonball hunting time. During this time, if you have your scouter you may see some mobs on the minimap with dragonball icons. Whenever you kill one of these mobs it has a low chance to drop a dragonball. You need 7 to make a wish. If you look at dragon wishes section you will see the stuff you may get. Mobs rarely appear and the chance to get a dragonball is extremely low. Beware of this.

Tier3: These dragonballs are only accessible during scramble. Once you leave scramble, you will lose them. There are exactly 7 dragonballs all across the world during scramble and they are tier 3. If you collect them all you can make a wish for better things. If you die, the dragonballs will drop onto the spot of wherever you died.

English patch

The english patch lets you see lots of the game in english. It will not translate skills, quests or items and will never do these things. It is still extremely helpful though.
Link to patch:

Squares/rectangles: If you see nothing but squares and rectangles the way to fix this is to do these steps.
1. Install east language pack (in control panel, you can google how to do it)
2. Set your locale to the version you play. (EX: KR version : korea)


Modding the game is fun and if you want to try it, i would recommend doing it. I will give you the link to my site with all my mods on it as well as the sound mod tutorial.
Sound mod:

This is the video, if you set the quality all the way up, it is crystal clear.


There are many classes in this game. Each race has an energy class and a physical class. You pick your first class when you create your character and you pick your second class when you do your adult and master class quest.


The events of Dragonball Online take place in the age 1000 (216 years after Goku) with the role of villain going to a group headed by Miira. Miira originates from the Demon Realm and is attempting to invade the Earth in the age 2000, with the help of Frieza's army and the Red Ribbon Army, but currently has his eyes set on the past by way of time travel. The purpose for him wanting to go back in time is so that he can attempt to obtain Goku's DNA which he will then use to strengthen himself for when he invades the Earth in the future. Currently, all known henchmen of the Dark Eye have been under the effect of mind control. Mind controlled victims are characterized by a green gem marked with an "X" that rests in their forehead (in some cases it may be in their chest or could also be a mask instead of a gem). You play as a character from an unknown time period who is sucked through a crack in time caused by Miira's Army and eventually make your way to the age 1000 (with the help of the Time Patrol). Throughout the game you'll be able to travel through them into the past to preserve the Earth's history either through time cracks or with the help of the Time Patrol. It should also be noted that all of the events that the player witnesses in the Age 1000 currently only take place on the planet Earth. Both the Majin and Namekian race start their journeys, just like the Humans, on Earth. The new planet Namek was destroyed by Miira in the age 853 and sections of the Earth have since been terraformed to resemble the planet Namek.


There are 2 types of dungeons. Normal dungeons and UDS. Normal dungeons are basicly another area to go to with quests and may be entered at any time. UDS have a minimum level. UD1 is found at korin and is the first UD that you go to. Some UDS have quests too and should be done for extra XP.


Like UDs, TMQs also have a minimum level. TMQ stands for Time machine quest. During a time machine quest you go back in time through a time machine and do quests. At the end you fight a boss. To get in you need to do a quest that gives you a crystal. These crystals are used up when you start the time machine quest.


Time leap quests (TLQ) are quests you get seemingly normally. These quests have you travel back in time to events that goku was in through a portal. At the end of these quests you get a skill.


Skills are skills that you use to either buff yourself/an ally, teleport to an ally, debuff an enemy, heal an ally or yourself, or damage an enemy. Skills vary depending on the class and race you chose. You get 1 skill point per level and you use those to get skill and level up skills. There is a minimum level required to learn a skill.

Power leveling

The easiest way to power level is to go to a dungeon in mushroom rocks south with a party of max level members. Have the max level members kill things and you will get XP.

Dragon wishes

After you get 7 dragonballs you may wish for something. You have many options of what you can wish for. You can wish for armor, swords, buffs, or even zeni. The most common things wished here are your super skill and dragon buffs.
Dragon buffs: You may get 1 dragonbuff per wish. These buffs are like normal buffs but they are pretty good. Try collecting them all, it'll help quite a bit.

Super skill

Each race gets a different super skill. You get these skills from wishing for it with the tier 2 dragonballs. You may also get them from tier 3 although it is recommended not to. Humans get super saiyan. Nameks get super namek. Majins get kid buu/pure buu. These skills have a 1 hour cd and as long as it's activated it takes up energy.


There are 3 different flight quests. The 3rd quest you need to be level 30 to do. When you finish the 3rd quest you get AP. While you are flying the AP goes down and when it hits 0 you fall. It recharges as you are not flying. You also may buy scrolls to raise your speed and AP.
These are the starting locations for the quests:

Click here to see full text

Click here to see full text

Click here to see full text

Auction house

The auction house is a thing that lets you sell and buy things from other players even when they are offline. This is where most players get there primary income in the game. It is very useful and i would recommend using it throughout the game.


The bank lets you store things. It's basicly an extra inventory that doesn't take up weight and you have to go to a banker to deposit and withrdraw items. You may buy more bank slots for zeni. If you are a JR master or master of a guild you get an extra bank slot as well. You may also rent a shared bank slot from the cash shop that may be used by all players on one server of the account.


The mail system is a system where you get mail (self-explanatory really). When you buy something from the AH it is given to you through mail. You may also send letters to other players or you can send items to other players as well as characters on your own account. You may also send zeni. You may rent a pet ring that lets you recieve mail wherever you are but you may not recieve items or zeni, you must go to the mailbox to do that.


You buy crafting recipes from a crafter and you can use it at a hoi poi machine to craft things. You may buy a machine to have a mini hoi poi machine that you can use anywhere. When you're crafting something if a bar fills up and there's two lines on that bar. If you press space on the bars you might get more of an output from your crafting attempt. You level up as you craft.


HTB is a huge damage skill. HTB1 you get when you finish your master class and HTB2 you wish for with tier 2 dragonballs. HTB1 takes 1.5k EP to use and HTB2 takes 2k EP to use. They have 1 hour cooldowns and take 1 RP bubble to use too.
Blocking an HTB: When you get hit with an HTB numbers will appear. If you have RP bubbles you may press as many numbers as you want and it will use up the RP bubbles that you press. These will raise a number count. Same with offence. After a few seconds of selecting two bubbles will appear with offence and defence. However many RP bubbles you used, that number will appear. The highest number wins.

Boss event

The boss event is where at a certain level you get a dragon head in the corner of your screen. If you click on it you get a quest to kill majins. Whenever you kill a monster you get a chance a majin will appear and you can kill it for a chance for a silver coin. After you get so many silver coins you can exchange it for a title or a gold coin. If you complete the boss quest you can either get a gold coin or a exp boost token. You may exchange gold coins to get a better title.


Upgrading is where you upgrade armor and weapons. This will raise their stats. When you upgrade a weapon it gets +1 on it's name. The more you upgrade it the higher it can get (+2, +3, +4 etc..). You use red stones to upgrade weapons and blue stones to upgrade armor. For the first few upgrades you always succeed . After that you have a chance for it to succeed, fail, or break. If it breaks the weapon/armor is gone forever. The upgrade stones are called U(number). The number is the maximum level the item can be to upgrade. (EX: a u20 can only upgrade a level 20 item and below.) You may also use white stones which prevent it from breaking. Downgrade stones downgrade the level (EX: a +3 weapon would be a +2 weapon if you downgrade it). Green and purple stones have a chance to upgrade an item 1-3 levels instead of just 1. Green is for armor and purple is for weapons.

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June 17th, 2012

Modding the game is fun and if you want to try it, i would recommend doing it. I will give you the link to my site with all my mods on it as well as the sound mod tutorial.
Sound mod:

Click here to see full text

You trying to show me up I already have a perfectly good modding guide that's stickied no less.

Seriously though, if people need a video to figure that stuff out they shouldn't be messing with it at all.

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June 17th, 2012
You trying to show me up I already have a perfectly good modding guide that's stickied no less.

Seriously though, if people need a video to figure that stuff out they shouldn't be messing with it at all.

This only "touches" up on it. The swapping and all that stuff goes to your thread. Also all new mods will go to your thread too :D
June 17th, 2012
Y U No Put Links To Citrinate's And My Guide In Flying ?
June 17th, 2012
this woulda been helpful when i first started out
June 18th, 2012
White stones don't give 100% succes...They only prevent breaking item if u get "Break" card.That's in TW atleast
June 18th, 2012
There are some flaws in this topic, but still, well done.
June 21st, 2012
Very useful. I bookmark this page to my phone
July 27th, 2012
how do I use the stones to upgrade stuff?

Also where would I find this auction house?

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July 27th, 2012
swordsman45, you should also add to flight that u need to have a master class in order to get flight skill.

swordsman, u should also have links to specific guides for specific things like modding guide and armor guide and tmq quide ect. ect.

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