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October 13th, 2013
Here is a list of FAQs for the private server. Hopefully this will clear things up. If you have any further questions you may PM me and I will try to answer them.

Is the project dead?

When will the server be released?

What language will the game be in?

What is the current progress of the server?

Can you change things in the game?

What are you changing in the game?

Will we be able to keep our current account, level or items?

Are you going to fix the bugs?

Are you adding anything new to the game?

Will the game be balanced?

Will there be new classes?

Will you raise the level cap?

Who decides on the updates?

What are you doing about security against hackers?

Will the game be F2P or P2P?

Will the server be up 24/7?

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