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October 31st, 2013
So I've noticed that SSJ2_will (now TeenGohan) got his name changed today. It seems like this has been as an attack against AppleTree. since he made a complaint in the complaint section and now has to suffer because of it. Good ol' Phil just wants to get back at MV and for the owner of this site to do such a thing is just ridiculous.

If you guys think that is justifiable you must be kidding yourselves because that is such a childish and immature thing for a site owner to do and I'm quite astounded at how his name was changed just to show MV he cannot get a name change.

He has obviously read his PM as well as seen the thread since he was able to change someone's username. Not to mention that since TeenGohan is a mod he gets his name change easy. Dat corrupt admin.

Yes, my username was changed and i'm happy about that but i don't like the direction this site is going to. Shit needs to change, and don't come in here acting like people are crying. As a community learn to fucking discuss instead of riding somebodies dick.
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