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Current Korean Game Version: 1.50.46 (Released: April 29)
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May 2nd, 2013
Hello Everyone, I'm new to here. I just made an account here. I need a big help, please tell me how to run this game. I downloaded the game from this website: .
And now after downloading it, when I installed and tried to play it, its not running. The launcher is not responding and the application DBO.exe when i double click it says "Wrong Service Information". Please help me you guys. I know someone can do. Please DO. It will be a huge favor. Please Respond Anybody.
May 2nd, 2013
This error appears only for the Korean Version, as you need to login via the web browser, you will need to make an account. I believe dbmmo still has the old KR download from like 3 years ago.
Also to be honest you are better off by making either a Taiwan/Hong Kong version dbo account. As they do not require a Social Security Number.

Korean version account creation :-
Taiwan version account creation :-
Hong Kong version account creation :-

After creating the account you will still need to update your client.

Korean version download :-
Taiwan version download :-
Hong Kong version download :-

Please search the forums next time.
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