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May 23rd, 2014
New update

Hurray!! Momo does something useful!!

Ohhh, Bazz B vs. Shinji could be very interesting!!!!

And yea, should've seen it coming, but this really would be anticlimactic if Ichigo like kills off the female Stern Ritter quickly. Will they even have a chance to show off Volstandig????

I dunno, think it's the Stern Ritter's move to intercept Ichigo with someone that can even the odds.
Otherwise this would be like Sunsun, Apache and Mila Rose vs. Yamamoto. but maybe they are much more powerful than they seem. They could be among the upper tier Stern Ritter.

and Rukia and Byakuya are on their way to that area also. So think more Stern Ritter are going to gather at that spot on the battlefield (or at least intercept the ones making their way to assist Zaraki.)

Technically, Candice, Meninas, Liltotto and Giselle woulda finished off Zaraki already (though it's still baffling Zaraki wasn't finished off during the first invasion.) It really seems like things are expected to flow this way and the Quincy are intentionally letting the strongest shinigami power up for the true enemy, well it has to do with the special war potentials.

Ah well who knows, all that is confirmed is the Quincy girls are right there with Ichigo. Rukia and Byakuya are on their way and perhaps Stern Ritter will get in their way. Shinji is facing Bazz B (Bazz better not choke like Cang did). JUGRAM is on standby.status on others have yet to be updated.

This could get messy, and Wandenreich's advantage in this conflict is not looking so hot, even though they seemingly have the shinigami on the ropes, the shinigami still scored more major kills currently and the Quincy have yet to truly kill more Captains (besides the two Gremmy finished off, though it seems strange Isane would recover their bodies, as if they could res them somehow.)

Well things are developing along. CC, LL, MM, and GG could still shine much brighter than Bambietta, in their battle to come.
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