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May 14th, 2014
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! X3 X3 X3 X3 Gotta think of a better word than EPICNESS!!!!



This really is an amazing chapter!!!!!! They really should Volstandig/Complete Holy Form at some point
(still think Gremmy could have done more, and imagine a Complete Holy Form, but their brain is still around and intact, so maybe they are still alive.)

This chapter is filled with so much new Quincy powers, carnage and action!! ^.^

I figured Candice's ability is thunderbolt/lightning. She's even faster than Zaraki!!!! And considering how much damage Zaraki took from that first hit, her lightning's potency is no joke at all!!!!

Meninas the Power, it appears she has SUPREME physical strength. She could potentially be the physically STRONGEST individual in the entire Bleach universe!!!! Knocking Zaraki down flat like that really has more oomph than any melee weapon.

Liltotto the Glutton. Should have figured her ability had to do with eating. Very interesting expression of that
ability. Gruesomely awesome!!!!

and Giselle the Zombie. Aaah I thought it would be the Zenith, but then again ever since she looked at Bambietta in a shady way, had a feeling her ability has to do with the undead/zombie stuff. Ohhh if she could get her blood on Zaraki, that's an instant new party member for the Wandenreich.

ah nice the wikia got updated

as for that light in the sky, ummmmm well it's either Ichigo, Urahara's team from Hueco Mundo, or something else.

The Stern Ritter are starting to score, but the Shinigami still have the upper hand, especially with the Quincy numbers decreasing, they have yet to secure a real comeback. Gremmy killed Kensei and Rojuro.

Of course Zaraki getting killed off is not likely, but perhaps Candice, Meninas, Liltotoo and Giselle could kill other Captains and major characters. (though think Mayuri is being reserved for Ishida).

Especially with this timing, Zaraki is practically being rescued now. Still no status on Yachiru.

Another thing I like about this chapter is each of the Stern Ritter got a bunch of shinigami to kill. Yea, those
shinigami are fodder, but it's still nice to see Stern Ritter score a bit since Zaraki is protected by plotkai and the fanbase.

If Zaraki removes their eyepatch, that gives more reason for "T", "P", "G" and "Z" to unleash Complete Holy Form.

Bleach keeps getting better and better!!!! X
May 14th, 2014
i think zarakis done for, gremmy really gave him more of a beating than what was shown i called the glutton and the zombie but it still makes me wonder what happened to bambietta?!

i dont know if the 'power' Meninas McAllon is as strong as Mask De Masculine 'the superstar' it could be a tough call and also as the thunder did a lot of damage i dunno if its because zaraki is basically whooped anyway so it would be a very easy victory for them.

im really hoping the explosion in the sky could be Ginjo, tsukishima, Ganju and giriko. as the explosion looked like a substitute shinigami badge and that was ginjo's main plot point and this would also make it a 4v4. giriko could have a redeeming factor as zaraki one shotted him previously lol; giriko would be all "look who's down and out now"
May 16th, 2014
hey that is an interesting observation!!

but I still say Meninas is stronger, especially since she doesn't need a fan to boost her power.
Her strength could be absolute. And since her ability is the embodiment of power, she could match or
surpass anyone that might be stronger.

Well Bambietta was last seen with the other girls, so maybe Giselle did something?
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