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July 13th, 2015
SK2 is not recommended. Shinovi and Estival are way better.

This series started as a huge success on the 3DS. The whole point of a post like this is to show that (SK2 deep crimson) isn’t really meeting series’ expectations. There’s more going on here than “They just released it for le wrong system”

No real surprise here… Shinovi Versus has more characters, better story, better gameplay, longest story mode so far, and now Takaki makes BS saying the main timeline is on 3DS, making SV a mere act of pity for the Vita players? I understand the game can be on 3DS, no problem. I’ve the two previous games. But seriously, look at the technology…

They denied all the improvements asked by the players and put in SV and they’re back with the problems already present in Burst…

It was bound to happen I suppose, when you bring a series to a more
powerful console/platform and then return to the inferior console/platform your literally working backwards.

A large number of the more significant changes that Senran Kagura 2 introduces, however, are regarded as lacking, if not outright detrimental to the gameplay.

For starters, many reviews obsess about the impact of the shift to three-dimensional combat fields, arguing that not enough has been done to ensure that the combat remains as smooth and relaxing as the previous sidescrolling iterations.

Indeed, for every attempt to try and accommodate the literal new depth, there are other elements that don’t gel well and actively impede the game from feeling like a particularly cohesive experience.

Players might now be able to target individual enemies, for example, but, as twen’s review on MK2 points out, it’s of little use when the camera is fixed and can’t be controlled, making it more than possible to get hit by enemies that can’t be seen well and miss landing your own attacks altogether.

Additionally, the controls have been changed up and while it’s seemingly not nearly as problematic as other issues that the game has going on, a number of reviewers agree that it takes time to reacclimate to that aspect of the game after playing previous installments.

character restrictions are present in terms of who can be brought in to tackle missions, which people like Satsuki Hisui argue saps some of the motivation to keep playing the game.

Many express problems with the lack of new characters and how the few new ones that show up in the storyline aren’t ever even made playable.

In a series where women are ostensibly meant to take the center spotlight, many players question why resources were spent making him playable without adding more girls to the mix. Similar umbrage has has been taken over the lessened emphasis on fights between girls in favor of more ethereal antagonists as well.

Arla • 10 months ago

I haven't played the game, but by previews and gameplay videos I have seen, a lot of those criticism seems legit. Especially the lack of new characters and the decision to make the areas/gameplay more open and 3D while maintaining a fixed camera. That's just an awful decision

July 17th, 2015
another quote
Despite the vast improvements (ha, "improvements", not.) to both the gameplay and story-telling that Deep Crimson had over Burst, the game did not meet expectations in Japan and was considered a commercial failure. So much so, that Marvelous had considered the franchise to be a failure and was considering the cancellation of future releases.

On the flip-side of that, Estival Versus flew off the shelves and actually placed second in sales charts upon it's release, coming up only behind Bloodborne. The game hammered through over 80% of it's stock in very short order. This is probably thanks to it's wider audience across the PS4 and Vita (not only that, it's also how the game is designed and sticking more to the Shinovi formula, as well as the PS4 letting devs do more.)
The implementation of digital sales also helped boost the numbers.

Similarly, the predecessor to Estival Versus (Shinovi Versus) managed to sell over 94,000 copies on the Vita alone in it's first week. That made it a commercial success in a big way.

So you see, SK2 deep crimson is the Final Fantasy Spirits Within of the series,
it's bad design, bad platform choice, and almost destroyed the franchise.
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