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June 30th, 2015
found some informative differences of each version, and it is confirmed to be localized in english.
ah PS4 version is so awesome ^.^



60 frames per second

30 frames per second

*PS4 multiplayer
up to 10 players

*vita multiplayer
only 4 players

*Online matching

*vita matching
Wi-Fi-only when matching on Wi-Fi, and Ad Hoc-only when matching on Ad Hoc

*PS4: Amount of Enemies Displayed
All enemies displayed on screen

*Vita: Amount of Enemies Displayed
Fixed number of enemies displayed on screen (some may be present, but not visible / susceptible to attack)

*PS4 Diorama Mode
Up to five Shinobi

*Vita Diorama mode
Up to three Shinobi

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