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May 26th, 2015
TEH EPICNESS! kinda like FFXI but more balanced!! ^.^

"Many new dangerous looking monsters can be seen in Heavensward areas. We have seen many comments where players felt the A Realm Reborn areas were too peaceful as the monster placement in the areas were a bit too easy; however, the monsters in Heavensward are very strong. If you encounter two or more monsters at same time, you’ll either need to fight doing your best, or be prepared to run.

If you plan on stepping in areas such as the beastmen camps, and other dangerous areas, you’ll probably want to talk with nearby players to get through them."

I am SUPER excited about this. I also hope it gives players, who are interested, a viable chance to level off grinding in camping groups rather than just being forced to quest/dungeon grind. I really miss this in MMOs. I loved it in Everquest and FFXI and hope it makes a comeback here.

well actually, FFXIV has lots of ways to level, and FATES are IMO better than FFXI leveling camps.

I agree I like this new level of difficulty just hope they won't give in to nerf the mobs after people start complaining about how hard they are

I love it. The fact that I have to consider where I go in a world creates a sense of tension and respect for the land and enemies around you, which in turn creates more immersion and involvement to the lore.

I remember playing in XI going into places like the Yagudo fortress around level 15 or so trying to get a quest done (solo mind you). The whole trek was tenuous and nail biting, wondering if i was going to die and have to go all the way back... I never felt so accomplished as when I cleared that successfully.

I'm not saying this game needs this everywhere, but I wander in and out of Natalan and the other beast areas like it's a Sunday stroll in the park. Having one or two hard spots in an area can really make the world feel less like a theme park and more like a real world with dangers to face and overcome. Honestly, I think even sprinkling a few 'elite', slightly harder mobs in the current beast zones would be nice... It's annoying the only concern going through these areas now is "Ermagerd I got heavied on my mount again..."

The fact is, I know a lot of players who are just plain terrible at this game, yet they are awesome people and they enjoy playing immensely. An easy main scenario, and an open world that doesn't destroy them at every turn, provides them with plenty of content to satisfy them. If I want a bit more challenge, I've got a half dozen game modes to choose from. I don't play the harder stuff with those friends, because it usually just ends up with constant wipes due to no situational awareness. Those players don't mind, because the open world stuff is there to satisfy them. A harder open world takes that away.

Lots of people say, "screw the casuals" and "let's make this entire game a challenge". But who do you think is spending stupid amounts of money on your marketboard sales? Who do you think makes up a large chunk of the fate and hunt parties you need to progress? I like the casuals, even if I can handle harder content myself. Without them, it would be a game full of pros and elitists, and I'm tired of that in games.

Individual mobs will be stronger, but 1v1, you should have no problems.

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