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May 11th, 2015
great news

this would be gorgeous on PS4. looks like they are planning 3 platforms.

aside from PC, PS4 would be obviously the best platform that would generate the most profit, attention,fame and success, just like SOTN found success on PS1 instead of portable or some nonplaystation platform.

If the IGAvanias of portables released on PS2/PS3 instead, they would have gathered a larger fanbase.

and even now Castlevania Harmony of Despair, IGA's last Castlevania when with Konami, is still being playedonline on PS3, YEARS after its debut on X360.

So they would be smart to bring this to PS4 and PC.

I am liking the art but I won't say it's better than SOTN/NITM era artstyles. I think the gameplay backgrounds look a tad too colorful. SOTN to OoE, IGAvanias had a much darker, yet wonderful color tone to them that still filled with interesting enviornment designs that add a whole lot of atmosphere.

it wouldn't have as much impact if they lean towards a more lighthearted presentation, I mean even
PoR was very dark and gritty world despite its lighthearted personalities and animeish vibes.
I dunno, maybe the HD graphics kind of brightens things a bit. It doesn't seem the original sprite team is in this project, but still the concept is looking solid.

but these are first impressions, looking at the concept screen, the enviornment does have some dark
themes, the ground ceiling just looks bright because of its reflective material.

So yea, it is at least nice they didn't make this super deformed.
May 20th, 2015
Read that Castlevanai HD was made with only $15,000 budget.

oh imagine with a $1,000,000+ budget like Bloodstained is getting!! Castlevania Harmony of Despair would
have like 100 unique chapters, 20+ playable characters
(like Serio's Castlevania Fighter roster, including Sonia
100+ more skills, more enemy types, more bosses, more music, more loot, more castles, more Co-op Dual Crush attacks, etc. etc.!!!! ^.^

maybe after Bloodstained they will make a Bloodstained version of Castlevania HD, with 6 players online co-op,
tons of Chapters to choose from, and a lot more.

Do you honestly think Igarashi is a scumbag con artist, or is untrustworthy with money? He was making these ANNUALLY. And they were ALL BELOVED. He made a cool multiplayer online loot grind version of this game for like $15k total. He's proven he's good with a budget before, and is good at this kind of game. So what if a bad person will do a bad thing with a service? What bearing does that have on Bloodstained? He's been completely upfront with us from day one.

June 10th, 2015
early gameplay vid

"There will be swords and whips enough to go around in the final version of Bloodstained. And you'll need every one of them if you're going to unlock the Swordwhip "

hurray!! So great whips will be plentiful also. whips are way cooler and unique for this genre.
June 24th, 2015
It's great they are getting a lot of support

got a list of summary features

A new IGAvania
The largest IGAvania
+ Extra boss
Releasing on PC/PS4/XB1/Wii U/Vita
Prequel minigame on said platforms and 3DS
Three playable characters
Nightmare difficulty
New game plus
Local campaign co-op
Async online features
Stat lending, player ghosts for bosses, player graves, +???
Orchestrated music
Guest voice actor: David Hayter
Cheat codes
Silly cheat codes
Bonus costume
Retro area
Speed run mode
"Features to help speedrunners plan the perfect route"
Boss rush mode

Classic mode:
Six linear stages, no RPG elements
8-bit music for classic mode
Two 8-bit tracks guest starring Virt

Challenge mode
- Online, co-op, versus; specially designed stages with extra powerful bosses

Roguelike mode
- Procedural dungeons, sharable seeds

Boss mode
- Playable bosses versus the heroes in a new area
June 25th, 2015
I'm getting ready to buy this game for PC.
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