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May 8th, 2015
this could be cool. It's a wait and see sort of thing,
but I think it could turn out to be great for at least soloers.

I am actually glad they took their time with it. As the beta showed it to be pretty damn solid. This is going to be the MMO that finally gets it's hooks into me and will give me something to go back to and enjoy for a long time without having to worry about some subscription fee.

Gameplay wise, by the way – you can heavily single player it. All the main quest is single player only. The mages guild is single player only. The fighters guild is single player only. [In terms of landmass it works out as bigger than Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind combined. After 500 hours I’ve done about 600 quests, and I’m about 50% through the solo’able content. It is huge.

This is actually not only a great MMO, but it is one of the best Elder Scrolls games period.

The main reason being that there are zero scaling enemies... they actually had to design a gameplay ramp this time.

The other being that there is an economy that doesn't completely break after playing 10 hours. Every piece of gold and loot matters now, as opposed to having unlimited money and the best weapon in the game after playing a quarter of the game.

The combat in this game is nothing like regular MMOs; it's not cookie cutter builds. I can be a sorcerer using a one handed weapon and shield, or a nightblade with a restoration staff. When I'm hitting an enemy with a sword or spell, it actually feels like I'm smacking them as opposed to when I played FFXIV it felt like I was throwing balls of air at people ( just my opinion (; ). There are a lot of different builds for both PvE and PvP

when they said the Main Questline is single player, they literally just mean the one...single...main questline...of which a new quest unlocks every few levels.

Almost every single other quest in the game is non-instanced and can be played with friends. So to make it accurate, 99% of the game can be played co-op.

It's also worth mentioning that the story stuff is not quite the same is it is in Skyrim (my only Elder Scrolls frame of reference). In Skyrim your quest may tell you to go to the other end of the world to reach your objective. In this, the main story sort of carries you from one end of the zone to the other. Along the way, you will find other quests that are either standalone, or part of a small series, and you typically do them as you go. There are locations and quests off the beaten path, that you might not find if you don't explore.

The guilds (Fighers, Mages, and Undaunted) will have a new quest to offer at certain levels. You can't just go through all of the steps one after another unless you're starting at a higher level. They also each have a skill line with unlockable skills, but these won't level just by doing the quests. They require something different for each guild:
Fighters Guild - destroy dark anchors (world events), and kill daedra and undead
Mages Guild - read special lorebooks out in the world
The Undaunted - completing dungeons (I think this is just the instances group dungeons)

I played entirely alone and got over 20 hours in on the beta. But every now and then I would run up on someone getting destroyed and would help them. Others also did the same for me here and there.

Anyway, it is most definitely balanced to play solo if you want. In other words, you can play it like it is another ES game. There are others in the world as well. It's great.

The great thing about the recent update when they added the Justice system is that you if you steal, then you have to have the items you stolen laundered or sold to fence. Prior to the update, you could loot anything/everything and this caused major inventory management issues. With the Justice system, you have to choose what you want to loot. I tend to not steal, so I generally loot open areas that are not owned.

Like the other person said, early on you want to do some quests and earn some money to expand your inventory capacity. They have vendors that sell expansions to increase your carrying capacity. You can also buy more space in your bank. Lastly, once you buy a mount, you can go to a stable and buy your mount more carrying capacity at 250 gold for 1 more slot. So let's say you character can carry 80 items and you have leveled you mount to carry 20, you character can now carry 100 unique items. The max you can level your mount is up to 60.

May 13th, 2015
Lots of emotes and they said console includes them, there is a drop down menu for them

very flexible class/build systems

It actually seems pretty open for build development to me. Think about it like this. You can only slot 10 skills at once. So your class trees present you with 15 to choose from. 5 more from the destruction staff skill tree. 5 more from mage guild. 5 more if you want to off hand... let's say a bow. Or 5 more if you want to off hand a restoration staff. 1 more for your armor skill. Then all the ultimates to choose from. That's a lot of variety. Here's to hoping we all enjoy that variety and don't just stick to cookie cutter builds!

Edit. That's not even considering the dozens of passives to choose from!

in the last few ES games there were no classes AT ALL just a bunch of skill trees..

In this game you have unbelievable freedom of choice for how to build ESPECIALLY for an mmo. The class doesn't restrict your stat allocation or gear equips, and the 3 trees within each classes ARE the subclasses.

With this setup you can mix and match any subclass skill with any PAIR of weapon trees, giving you two hotbars with two different weapons with skill entirely to your choosing.

In an MMO, ROLES are extremely important for tough team based activities.

The difference between ESO and oher MMOs is you have freedom to achieve those roles outside of traditional classes based on how you build it.

Nightblade Siphon heavy tank? Yes that's a thing, just because your nightblade doesn't mean you are a burst assassin dps.

Templar vamp/wolf hunter? Yes that's a thing.

Draco knight CC suport? Sure.

Sorcerer Daedric Summoner Knight? Mhm.

Throw the crafting trees in the mix and it adds a whole new dimension of complexity. You would not believe how huge of an affect custom gear/potions/food has.

You can be full fire/ice mage using the appropriate destruction staff.

You can be bow based completely by using the bows.

Each weapon has its own skill line; nothing is forcing you to use you class abilities. One of my builds uses 2 class abilities total, and they are both just buffs; my other 8 abilities come from the weapons I am using. Destruction staves each have an element; their attack spells are based upon the element of the staff. So the skills for a fire destruction staff are fire based, while an ice destruction staff are ice based.

Seriously, you sound like you don't understand how the skill lines in general work; cobsidering it has been explained multiple times that you can.

Now, is your build going to be optimal if you ignore your class abilities, probably not, but viable, definitely.

To be honest, I've played all four classes (2 to vet ranks, 2 to level 20) and mainly use the weapon skills and skills from the Fighter's Guild and Mage Guild skill lines.

I will grant that you can't be a pure ice mage in the sense that there are sorc-only class skills that use ice - you'll have to rely on the Frost Destruction staff for your ice magic. You can be a pure fire mage though, if you go with the Dragon Knight class with fire staffs. There's no point in you rolling a sorc if you don't like the three class skill lines available - any class can wield staffs.

each skill once it reachs rank 4 can be morphed to give the skill some new changes/perks. You have 2 choices of morph. That leads to quit a variety of stuff. Not to mention new skill lines are being added into the game over time. We already had a few come in and more will be on the way such as thieves guild, dark bros and I'm sure even more we don't know about.

you also have to remember you have 5 spots on your hot bar. So basically your class has 3 skill lines, so if you want to level up all your skills, that's one skill from each line leaving 2 slots left. Now you have 5 weapon skills to chose from, lets say you go 2 hand sword, that's your final 2 spots on your bar. Or maybe youll take 1 skill from that, and a fighters/mage/undaunted/vamp skill. Theres lots of a variety. Ever each type of armor has one active skill that has to be hot bar'd

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