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May 11th, 2015
very spooky survival.

H1Z1, the open-world, post-apocalyptic, zombie survival game from Daybreak Game Company, is in constant development. In March, Daybreak began using their public roadmap site to inform players of upcoming changes and give them a place to post feedback. Recently, the roadmap was updated to include the four releases for May.

May 7th Quality of Life Patch: This patch contained numerous fixes to small things and opened up the Steam Marketplace for players. The marketplace gives players an outlet to sell their excess skins and loot crates for cash.
May 14th: This release will bring vehicle combat features which allow you to shoot out the tires or shoot the occupants through the windows. An update to the crafting UI and the ability to discover recipes from items in your proximity is also on the list. Your choice of footwear will affect the sound you make and your lips will move when you use proximity chat.
May 21st: In this release the crossbow will finally make its debut, female characters will get animation updates, and new screen effects for alcohol and swizzle are coming. Zombies will react to player activated sounds like car alarms and base building is getting an update in the form of new structures and decorative items.
May 28th: The last release in May brings a new handgun, CB radios, and walkie-talkies. Battle Royale leaderboards are coming both in-game and on the web. Players will get the ability to use items on others like bandaging them or injecting them with zombie blood.

Awesome!! walkie talkies!!
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