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September 21st, 2013
You gotta read all this in my voice, if not, then you wasting your time reading this topic entirely.

Even though everything probably will be revamped either by the new company that bought it or us, I found it kinda funny to add this in.

Martial Artist Skills:
Kidney Shot: "Gut Check that fucker!"
Rock Paper Scissors: "One, Two, KNOCKOUT!"
Wolf Fang Fist: -=Wolf howl in the background=- "Wolf Fang Beatdown!"
Tunnel Slash: "Taste mah Ki Boomerang!"
Concentrated Kamehame: "Oh yall ain't think I knew this!?"
Energy Barrage: "Throw some bombs at a bitch!"
Final Effort: "Yall dun pissed me off, now I gotta blow up every damn thang!"
Stronger Energy Barrage: "Raining DEATH FROM ABOVE!"
Ouick Attack: "Gone headbutt me a mudda fucka!"

All Dragon King Buffs: "UNLEASH THE DRAGON!"
Super Saiyan: "Super Powered Bad Assery Time!"
Kaio Ken: "I'M MAD!"
HBT 1: "DAH! I'm gone beat cha like you stole somethin!"
HBT 2: "ARGH!! I'm gone beat cha ass like a pinata!"

Fighter Skills
Spin Rush: "BANG BANG BANG!"
Storm Strike: "Whoop all yall ass!"
High Speed Needle: "Thousand hit Beatdown!
Super High Speed Needle: "Gone light that ass on FIRE!"
Super Ghost Kamekaze: "OH IT'S DA GHOST!"
Final Flash: "FINAL!...Ahh fuck it...BOOM!"
Big Bang Attack: "I'm sendin all you bitches to the next dimension!"

Powering up: "It's about to get live in this bitch!"
Max Power: "It's time! OH IT'S TIME!"
First Attack: "Gone beat cho ass!"
Targeting (Tab key): "Who's it gonna be?"

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