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April 25th, 2011
What if krillen the bald bozo decided to solar flare freiza and then use his destructo disc to kill him while he was still in his second form haha
(and i have a feeling ima get a response that he wouldnt have time to charge the attack or something! :))

Odds are good everyone would be screwed by cyborgs, androids and Cell in a few years time.

Then Goku wouldn't have turned into SSJ and the whole show would be ruined!!!

A third of the series didn't have Super Saiyans, and it was still great. If nothing else, I'd say I preferred it before Super Saiyan was introduced. Not having it wouldn't ruin the show. But for one thing, I think we'd see a lot less golden super forms these days. Looking at you, Sonic.

Lol in what way would not having SSJ ruin Dragon_Ball. Dragon_Ball was already great w/o SSJ. If anything SSJ transformations somewhat cheapend the show after SSJ2.

What cheapened the show was the fact that everyone and their son could use it. It would be fine if it were just Goku and Gohan or Vegeta, but throwing in Trunks and Goten, and various fusions just made it an overload. Heck, it might be acceptable if they had some serious limits with it, but those were easily overcome anyway, and they can use it willy nilly.

But Goku and Vegeta both managed to get SSJ due to an emotional breakdown,
Goku because he saw his friends being pwnt by Frieza and Vegeta because he was tired of training and getting nowhere and so he just didnt care anymore!!!! and then he went SSJ and kicked some android butt.

I'm not sure if I'd say that what Vegeta had was an "emotional breakdown" so much as a flat out temper tantrum. I have to imagine he was like a whiny little kid complaining he can't win at a game, as usual, and that finally came in handy I guess.
April 29th, 2011
What if Master Roshi, Tien and Chaiotzu actually managed to get the Dragonball from King Piccolo and get away with it? Since King Piccolo = Kami and Kami created the Dragonballs, would Shenron even be able to grant the wish in the first place?
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