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February 2nd, 2012
Perhaps the best reason why Super Saiyan 2 could be implanted is to allow you to upgrade your transformation. Considering the game is still be updated with added skills, higher level caps, and more dungeons and TMQs, it might be possible that they'll eventually need to give the transformations some form of upgrade. Granted that upgrade could simply be adding SP to your transformation to allow bigger boosts with minimum drain, or it could be like Kaio-Ken where you transform into your first form first and then trigger it again to reach the second level which increases stats even more, but also increases drain (or in the case of Nameks decrease the amount of time they can maintain their form). The way the transformations are now (or at least Super Saiyan anyway), they look and operate less appealing than Kaio-Ken, which is supposed to be a technique that is outclassed by the former. Whatever happens, I'm pretty sure that the transformations will get some form of upgrade.
February 2nd, 2012
Damnit Blazing... :<
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