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September 6th, 2013
Hello there

Im new to the forum and the game (downloading as i type this)

So i head here for the instructions after seeing a youtube video and there is alot of moaning etc about this game.

Is it worth me even starting to play or will i be bored in weeks? or are we talking a year or 2 before being bored?

From some threads i wonder if it will even be here in a year?

anyway, thanks for having me and look forward to playing. see you on the tw server :D
September 6th, 2013
for starters you will have fun if you dont get mad if you dont understand things your main motivation to play is watching your char grow and develop then grow up and it gets tougher but keeps you interested
September 6th, 2013
Welcome aboard, you'll enjoy the game until you get up to level 70, but that will take you months.
September 17th, 2013
Well unfortunately the game is about to be shut down October 31st TW time of course,and to answer your question, it really depends on what your goal is, if its to cap then great, but you will eventually get bored along the way and that's what guilds are for. I made the mistake of making my goal to get SSJ, and instantly got bored as soon as I got it because I was like now what? If it wasn't for the guild I was in, I would've quit long ago, though I had a few month absence only to come up to continue the guild I made right before I left and spent the days farming zenni though now because of the game shutting down I stopped doing that. My in game tag is 9tailsfox2. I will be on Korrin Village in the last hour of the game, if I could make it, even if I don't I hope to gather a crap load of people in one area for a final goodbye and super transformation. Youtube this if you want, I'm going to capture a crap load of pictures and make a picture slide and post a song, preferably from Dragonforce. I hope to see there.
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