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DBZjunkie413 (May 20th, 2011):
I JUS WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaxill (May 20th, 2011):
its pretty much the same as taiwan

Jaxill (May 18th, 2011):
i think 4 hours

Jaxill (May 16th, 2011):
down for maintenance

Citrinate (May 16th, 2011):

Jaxill (May 12th, 2011):
im going on right now actually message me in game

Jaxill (May 12th, 2011):
Just message one of the co leads in game they will add you

DBZjunkie413 (May 12th, 2011):
just made my Alt Dragon clan class think ima stay a HLR

DBZjunkie413 (May 12th, 2011):
Still looking for guild- Lvl 24 MA

Citrinate (May 12th, 2011):
Also it's against the rules to sell accounts here:

About Me

    Race: Namekian
    Biography: layed back dude
    Location: Zombieland,Mass
    Interests: Gamer,"MMA junkie",Anime lover
    Occupation: Student/Gamer


    "Nobody destroys Kakarott while Im around, destiny has reserved that luxury for me."-Vegeta

    Class:Dragon Clan/Poko Priest


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