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maurice4470 (November 20th, 2014):
If you want, you could add me on Skype. Its maurice.marquell.smith . The name Maurice/AtlemVenta will pop up. I've been trying to contact others as well but the only people I've been able to keep in contact with is SsGreg, tsubasauzumaki, Stumpy, Damianwolfe, and Soul. And soul kinda defriended everyone for no reason because his 'girlfriend' told him too...

maurice4470 (October 19th, 2014):
I finally finished highschool. I'm currently looking for a job and I'm waiting on the new Dbo private server to go online. It's suppose to be up this year.

maurice4470 (April 19th, 2014):
Hey moon you still there? Im hoping I can get in contact with you since I havent heard from you in forever. you're the only one left that I haven't tried to get in contact to. Message me back if you still remember me ;(

maurice4470 (May 26th, 2013):
tw version right?

maurice4470 (May 22nd, 2013):
hey, sup. havent heard from you in a while. computer crashed >.> any way im fixing it now and i should be on in a few days.

bakugan90elf (April 5th, 2013):
I'm installing the game now. I'll be playing soon.

bakugan90elf (April 5th, 2013):
I'm downloading the game now.

bakugan90elf (March 24th, 2013):
Cool can you tell the rest of the group I haven't been on in a while because i need computer. Thanks.

tea123 (March 22nd, 2013):
hey moon (BFFO)
whats up

bakugan90elf (March 21st, 2013):
are you moontazer in the game too? I'm bakugan9elf6.

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