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d5hsfj (August 1st, 2013):
Sup man good to see you online

d5hsfj (May 11th, 2013):
Hey man, dont worry about it!
I had trouble with my computer sometimes and I hope your problem is resolved^^

Manz500 (March 4th, 2013):
Gogogo Lvl70!!!

SonKagou (January 15th, 2013):
Saturday ill be online ALLL day so we have our time there and frinday. How about you?

SonKagou (January 15th, 2013):
And i know sosuke lvl 52 that can come with as but we CANT pass it . We need an lvl 70 to boost as

SonKagou (January 15th, 2013):
Yes i knew that but Fury doesnt accept to help as for UD 3 lol

Scrancher (January 11th, 2013):
I'll brief out a more detailed answer soon, just been really busy lately. But I think it's a great idea, and green light to you for it :-D

Manz500 (January 11th, 2013):
well your idea sounds good , if you think you can organize it go ahead.

Manz500 (January 10th, 2013):
hi , about your scavenger hunt , you cant do it because when you drop an item its gone so you cant get like 15 items and hide them around the map , it doesnt work like that.

Bluemoonx3 (January 4th, 2013):
Add me the Falcoblaze

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