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rudez (June 16th, 2012):
Hey, I don't mean to be a bother is this the file to get the constant lighting spark? "COM_SKL_AVE_002_spark" and if it is where do I put it exactly

Sabin (May 9th, 2012):

papadaki (April 11th, 2012):

loniii98 (April 1st, 2012):
what do you mean

loniii98 (April 1st, 2012):
i have done but i cant login with the game i have dowloaded can you do one t me?

loniii98 (April 1st, 2012):
account i pay you

loniii98 (April 1st, 2012):
can you help me with 1 thing i pay you

Roxxstar (March 22nd, 2012):
its for pissing of peoples, ring out (rare times) & get more damages with sharp slice (+50% from behind)

Roxxstar (March 22nd, 2012):
Dragonic Righthouse is an useless buff, for 4SP you get +12%E atk & 200 E.Def, it can be good, but i don't use it because 4SP are very important in a SK build.

Just because it's not my build :D

Roxxstar (March 21st, 2012):
Put them wherever you want, but you have to know that people who say "blabla its best build bcause someone with full +15 who pyd 2000$ on game win budokai with it" are just noob posts, normally the true power of a SK is his Steal Life, when you place it after a debuff -550def E/P it'll do pretty good DOT, plus giving you 330lp each 2seconds, so only by this skill you have to make yourself Invincible, for exemple getting full %LP effects gears (wich will reducs damages of 45% if you got 45% for exemple) & also some debuffs ? like i use vs others SK, i can make higher damages to them with bold strike ( & same defense ) with a lvl 58 axe + 8 while they got lvl 60 one + 10.
You have to think about a build, about every skills there is, then you'll find.

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