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UchihaItachi (August 5th, 2013):
w8 ff

Jaxill (June 30th, 2013):
you're not going to be able to do it correctly using paint.

Jaxill (June 30th, 2013):
You have to crop them out of the picture using the pen tool in photoshop (assuming your using photoshop) then just let they're heads lay on a transparent background and save it as an appropriate file type. I prefer .png

Jaxill (June 30th, 2013):
No sorry poor choice of words. I meant you should let ace and Luffy's head extend out of the actual signature. Almost like a pop out.

Like this

Jaxill (June 29th, 2013):
If you cut Ace and Luffy's head out so it hangs over the banner it will pop out more.

UchihaItachi (May 23rd, 2013):
lan 2 gloves +14 gebroke , check u mail. khad screenshot gemaakt
fataal he :S

UchihaItachi (May 21st, 2013):
ja xD

Hibrid (May 15th, 2013):
no thats wuke job

Citrinate (December 13th, 2012):
You should have access now.

Spyken (January 14th, 2012):
Do you play?

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