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Grim (September 7th, 2013):
Hello ive been trying to get this game to run for the past couple of years always giving up but i see its now moved to a new site i tried msging that other guy with a guide on how to get it running and patched but it doesnt work i dont know if its because its a new client version than in his pictures or not

GrimReaperX85 (September 7th, 2013):
Just wanna thank you for the awsome work on the english patch can't wait to see the full english patch in the near future

Gokugohan (September 4th, 2013):
Can I join the administration of dbocom

MasterLight (September 4th, 2013):
do you now how i can add my guild emblem to the guild recruitment page?

fouried96 (September 4th, 2013):
Hey Cit

Since the state of the game is unknown and it may close down, it would really be appreciated if you could release the new version of the language patcher as then we could have fun while it lasts and hopefully the more the english it gets the more people it will attract.


Gokugohan (September 3rd, 2013):
Are you are administer of this site?

TheLibra (September 2nd, 2013):
I'd like access to the translation tool please. I'd like to help with translations =)

Simmy (September 2nd, 2013):
Are you from Philidelphia?

Duzanjos (September 1st, 2013):
hello :)
I was wondering how can I get page ""
as it appears:

You do not have permission to view this page.
Click here for more details.

MasterLight (August 29th, 2013):
i have a question about the guild recruitment page. my guild keeps saying i should add our emblem to it how do i do that

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