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Darkclox (September 26th, 2013):

superGokun (September 17th, 2013):
yea sry to here that hope you get another chane in the game in the Futer.

GrimReaperX85 (September 17th, 2013):
welp it's been fun i guess my retirement from dbo will be early

Yuhei (October 15th, 2012):
Hey bud sorry i think but i am not sure that the time i have set on Dbocom may be off a bit not sure if you have solved the problem or not i replied to you for all pms already either way. There there is no Dl_temp in the game folder at all it does not have one. When this game patches it just overwrites all files already in the game and and expands the programming. This is not like WoW where you get all new characters and stuff like that its a lot more simple so do not worry as the folder does not exist for anyone lol

superGokun (October 15th, 2012):
the log in when start the launcher i just see a white instead of menu\;9

Yuhei (October 15th, 2012):
yeah im online and playing right now what menu cant you see???

Yuhei (October 14th, 2012):
Sorry i just saw your pm i have sent one back with instructions. Thought everything was working fine. Just get in game following those instructions and you should be back and online.

superGokun (October 13th, 2012):
run everything thats in DBO_CT_TW folder in Admen.

superGokun (October 13th, 2012):
just run everything in admin like?

Yuhei (October 13th, 2012):
Okay you don't need to delete the downloader but you do need to uninstall the game and delete game folder then run your setup/install as admin that should fix it the repair function will only replace missing files if they are gone but if you would like to try using repair it might work run setup/install again without deleting the game or folder make sure you run it in admin though and click the middle option top should be install and bottom should be uninstall but again run in admin if repair does not work then you will have to uninstall delete game folder and run setup/install again as admin just run everything in admin and that should fix it. Oh btw using the utorrent download of the game only takes about 15-20mins I tried downloading the installer/downloader before it just takes so long lol good luck I will be gone for the next 20mims so if there is a problem still pm me or post on my profile and I will get back to you ASAP I spent most of my nights on the game and on Dbocom at same time so I will see it

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