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bakugan90elf (May 8th, 2013):
Yes I play TW on server 2.

bakugan90elf (May 7th, 2013):
Thank you for your kindness as I know it took time to respond to my questions. My name is SSJGodSilencer but I was not online the day you were on. I will defiantly on Friday but after school. My school ends at 4:00. I will be on by then. If not please forgive me. Sorry but I have one last question. How do I whisper people without being in view of them? I don't have an English patch so everything is either in rectangles or Taiwanese. If you could use pictures to explain that would be appreciated as it is hardest for me to learn without a visual example. If you cannot show me anything, it is okay. Just make sure to explain in specific detail what to do when adding a friend without having them in sight.
Thank you, Bakugan90elf

bakugan90elf (May 6th, 2013):
Thank you very much. May I ask what version of DBO they play on? HK KR or TW? I only play TW. Please tell them my name in-game so they may contact me. SSJGodSilencer. I'm not good at looking for specific people in-game. Please tell them to add me when ever they have the time to go to Kokkara gate and wait for me on Friday this week.
Your, help is appreciated and will be rewarded after I have entered the guild.

bakugan90elf (May 5th, 2013):
Excuse me good sir, but would you happen to know how I can join the guild oyu are currently in? I have been in the old ZLegends for a while and would like to join the new version of ZLegend. If you could talk to one of the members that can assist me on joining, that would be very helpful.

ShanBal88 (April 25th, 2013):
your like 5 hours ahead of me. im from canada lol :p mondays i could possibly get on at 9.

Vegeta (April 25th, 2013):
England bro , due to work and RL shiz I only play Monday 4-6 pm, tues and wed 9am-6pm uk time

Vegeta (April 25th, 2013):
Lmao the raps must live on ! If I don't sell the acc I may come online on Wednesdays for tourney but that's it . Yeah bro we ll do elder scrolls when it's out

Docter Puto (April 22nd, 2013):

Docter Puto (April 22nd, 2013):
#Pito here

Vegeta (April 20th, 2013):

About Me

    Race: Human
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    Interests: Basketball

    Shan88 Taiwan Server 2. Add me, I need friends! :D



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