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bakugan90elf (May 12th, 2013):
yes gate/entrence of Kokkara

bakugan90elf (May 12th, 2013):

bakugan90elf (May 12th, 2013):
Ok. I'll call for you on the chat were people sell. What's your name so I can say it in ALL CAPS?

bakugan90elf (May 12th, 2013):
I'm getting on right now! Stay at Kokkara Gate to wait for me. My name is SSJGodSilencer but I might take a while. Just hold on please.

bakugan90elf (May 11th, 2013):
I'll be on tomorrow for sure at like around 3:00. Is that a good time?

bakugan90elf (May 11th, 2013):
I'm playing smoothly now and are ready to play whenever is convenient for you. On Saturdays though I can't play in the morning, only in the afternoon (Same on Sundays).

bakugan90elf (May 10th, 2013):
Thanks for the heads up!
Just so you know I live in New Jersey and the time as I am typing this message is 3:44. Where in America are you going to shop?

bakugan90elf (May 9th, 2013):
I need to re download and re patch the game. I'll be done by tomorrow which is just in time. Just wanted to let you know.

ShanBal88 (May 8th, 2013):
You need to make sure you have your orginal DBO in that folder. The one that is an icon when you finish installing the game. Put that in the main folder, then try to run as admin and then patch it! Good luck :)

bakugan90elf (May 8th, 2013):
It keeps saying that DBO.exe is missing. Could you please tell me what's going on and why the English patch is not working?

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