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captinpye (March 14th, 2012):
i have a lvl 50 fighter ans swordsman sorry though

tarble205 (March 14th, 2012):
The fighter is lvl 45

tarble205 (March 13th, 2012):
So do we have a deal on out hands?
By the way since it is a lvl 60 you cantake all equips with you and I will throw in 5mil lol

tarble205 (March 13th, 2012):
Ow Well If you want Im trading a lvl 52 Swordie and Fighter on same account but I will also throw in Hmm Butterfly Wings?
Btw they have Great Builds

tarble205 (March 13th, 2012):
I sure did ^^

Kogita (March 9th, 2012):

tarble205 (January 31st, 2012):
Why bro XD lvl yours up :|P
You gotta put in some efforts for the results to be what you want them to be.
Besides if I sold you mine there would be no self satisfaction in return

tarble205 (January 31st, 2012):
Hey bro look below I thought you didn't own a Kr account.....LIES

ethanvolcano21 (January 28th, 2012):
whats your KR name so we can do TMQ 1. ?

ethanvolcano21 (January 28th, 2012):
ill gladly do it ^^ lets do it now!

About Me

    Race: Human

    looking to buy level 60 turtle male or level 60 fighter on tawain please message me if you want to make a deal.
    Troku (Human) Lv 37 (Swordsman) Martial Artist


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