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bakugan90elf (February 10th, 2014):
WOW. I appreciate and respect that. My father has an email he wants to give me so I'll just use that but thank you. I'll tell you once I have my email.

Dang you must be a good father!!!

bakugan90elf (February 9th, 2014):
Alright this is going to sound VERRRRY stupid.

I don't have an email account and I can't make one. You see... I'm only 13 years of age and can't make an email. Would you activate my account for me please? Whenever I need to use an email, I make a fake one ad the one I use is [email protected] but since I need a real one I have a wall to climb. I hope i'm not asking too much.

bakugan90elf (February 8th, 2014):
Thanks, I'm in USA.

bakugan90elf (February 7th, 2014):
Hi, I know the post was pretty long ago but I saw the post about Aion that you made and I looked it up on youtube. I've been looking for a new MMORPG to play and I liked Aion so I'm deciding to play it and see how it is. Can you direct me on how to download and install the game please? I would really appreciate it.

nick2012 (September 18th, 2013):
looks like time on dbo has ended ill miss u bro keep rocking :)

nick2012 (March 31st, 2013):
happy easter bro

TeenGohan (January 25th, 2013):
D: u quited alrighty well when you return or if you do message me on HongKong DBO remember TeenGohan and I'll add u back ok cause i'll need to make room for new guild members to come okays

that or Pm me on Dbocom

TeenGohan (January 24th, 2013):
Yo you still play HK ?

devil4life22 (December 8th, 2012):
ye he still plays, even tho i heard he made this own clan called the kkk and ye i get thos bad lags when im at arena sometimes

devil4life22 (December 8th, 2012):
we do both, we do cc tmqs you name it we do it. and they take both pvp and pve

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