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Jocoo (February 6th, 2013):
haha yea but im act still not in game so and ill be HK first and i think might have some cash in TW but first ... maybe you should come too :p

Citrinate (February 4th, 2013):
You should have access now.

???? (February 4th, 2013):
did u do the video

Jocoo (January 13th, 2013):
hahaha lvl 70... damn u have reached the highest lvl cap :d and btw i hope i had some cash left on my other acc cause i need skill resset xd (nammekian bunny ..its like a dream come true xd)

guitarheroboy4 (January 9th, 2013):
dont forget next time you log on to send me a mail with my 4kk plz i kinda need it but no rush.

Jocoo (January 1st, 2013):
ima play on both man but ill just focus more on HK because TW made me feel like crap for a long time... but ill try be active :)

Jocoo (December 30th, 2012):
because i figured out my char are really ****ed up :s

ratched (December 30th, 2012):
The raffle will now take place on the 1st because i was innactive for the past few days. I'll be sure to tell you if you win something. 9Tail right?

guitarheroboy4 (December 29th, 2012):
Hey man did I win something from the raffle?

ratched (December 20th, 2012):
XD why?

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